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KnipMode January 2011

30 December 2010, 22:07

My January KnipMode actually arrived a few weeks ago while I was ill, and boy is it a good one. Trouserpalooza!! OMG! Seriously, I think I counted 18 pairs of trousers in here, and 90% of them I’d wear in a heartbeat… There’s tapered leg, wide leg, jeans, leggings, treggings, wide waistband, no waistband, knits, wovens, and stretch! You name it, they’ve got a pattern for it here – they really have got the full trouser rainbow covered here!

How fresh and modern are these cargoes? I love the styling, but the tapered leg really updates these here beyond the stereotypical 90s grunge ex-Army fatigues.

I love these trousers with the foldover front! Seriously, these are on my list of my next tracing batch – I love that these are cutting edge but (crucially) without a drop crotch! They’ve even got big illustrations to do the foldover bit, too.

From the “Weekend wear” feature – a great casual coat (though I swear they’ve had this exact same coat at least twice before), two fantastic trousers patterns (in denim or suede) and a really comfy sweater to sew (there’s a bunch of knit patterns in this issue, too)…

Here’s a twist on the leggings – how about adding some pintucks and cool seaming and some zips or ankle details?

Plus-sized ladies don’t get left out of the fun, either! There’s a trouser, jeans, and tregging pattern in larger sizes, too…

I had to use a lot of restraint when picking out my favourites for this issue – I honestly could’ve scanned most of the magazine. There are only 2 or 3 of the trouser patterns I wouldn’t wear (one was a knit drop-crotch, and there’s a wide legged pair, too, which always make me look unbelievably short). My February issue should be arriving soon, and the preview tells me there will be some mental carnival costumes. Oh dear…

In the meantime, I’m going full-tilt with my winter coat, making the brave (stupid?) decision to follow Kenneth King’s advice and use proper wool & goat hair canvas interfacing and even some horsehair canvas, too. But more on that after my end of year review…

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  1. WOW. I desperately need pants. This issue is inspirational! I love everything on that page with the “third-time” coat. And speaking of coats, your pattern choice is excellent! Enjoy the journey.

    — M Kate    Dec 31, 12:25 AM    #
  2. Good to see that this issue has so many good things in it. I ordered it online just based off of the line drawings but it hasn’t arrived yet.

    — Michelle    Dec 31, 02:34 AM    #
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered this issue. Looks like there are lots of fun trousers.

    — BeccaA    Dec 31, 03:14 AM    #
  4. Treggings?!? Whatever.
    KK is right, proper wool is essential. Surely that can be found in London :-). I’m beginning to think hair canvas may be as well, fusible isn’t so hot when you don’t have a press.

    — Marie-Christine    Dec 31, 07:53 AM    #
  5. Agree, a great issue again with trousers for each and everyone. great pattern for the coat.

    Sigrid    Dec 31, 11:49 AM    #
  6. Lots to choose from there. Sounds like the coat is going to be another epic journey. I am looking for ward to it!

    — Kim Hood    Dec 31, 04:45 PM    #

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