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KnipMode November 2010

4 November 2010, 11:07

Like the October La Mia Boutique, this issue arrived while I was away on our honeymoon so I’m only just now digesting it (nearly in time for the next issue to arrive any day now).

From the rugged outdoor feature, I really loved this pair of jeans. Mid-leg seams are always so slimming, the ankle zips look great on a tapered leg, and I just love Knip’s trouser details. The only thing I’m not so sure about are those vertical front pockets…

The tech drawing makes this jacket look quite ordinary, but I love it in the pique they’ve used here – it looks simultaneously 60s and current! And the skirt pattern it’s paired with would be a great basic in any fabric.

Hooray! Origami tops for everyone!! The pink one is in regular sizes, and the black and white is for Plus sizes.

But I’ve saved the best for last, because KnipMmode have done a fantastic mix-n-match cocktail dress feature! A bit like those Simplicity Project Runway patterns, here you can pick any bodice, pick any skirt, and choose from sleeveless, cap sleeve, or elbow-length and build your own dress! The tech drawing sheet shows all the possible combinations, but I really like the example they’ve done in gold satin. It’s so me to have the bodice folds and a short, asymmetrically-pleated pencil skirt!

We’re also lucky that this issue contains a supplement, entirely devoted to knit fabrics! I remember when Knip’s supplements only came with the May (or was it March?) and October issues, but they’re getting much more frequent now.

This sweatshirt is such a great twist on a classic style. It’d look great in a velour or microfleece with big chunky zips, too!

But the BIG winner for me is this seamed knit skirt! I love it!!

It kinda reminds me of the Jean Paul Gaultier Patrones skirt I made a few years ago but never properly documented because I couldn’t get the non-stretch fabric to stop bubbling at the side seams, but I have a feeling the design will work much better in a thick, stable knit like an interlock or wool jersey.

Stay tuned for a whole heap more KnipMode fun, because… (squeal!) Fehrtrade reader Hilde gifted me a massive stack of her mum’s KnipMode back issues from 2005-7 and they’re so deliciously good! Really!! I’ve just got to scan them all after pouring through them over breakfast for the past week.



  1. Glad you’re enjoying the Knipmodes so far! You know where to find my scans of the issues don’t you? Saves you some work. And nice to see your picks of the November issue, we agree on them all. Last week I bought Knipmode January 2009 – April 2010 secondhand (I only had two or three issues) so I’m sharing your breakfast ritual :-D.

    — Hilde    Nov 4, 12:44 PM    #
  2. Ok, you’ve convinced me to order this. I hope it’s still available on Ebay!

    Nancy k    Nov 4, 01:03 PM    #
  3. You’ve got to stop showing me the magazines you get – it makes me want to buy them. :)

    stacy    Nov 4, 01:26 PM    #
  4. Did you say origami? must-have-this-issue…

    G    Nov 4, 01:59 PM    #
  5. Phew. I’m so glad it’s a good issue. I ordered it 2 days ago!

    — Mischka    Nov 5, 12:47 AM    #
  6. That looks like an excellent issue; the knit supplement alone is worth it to me! I’ll have to try to find this online.

    — M Kate    Nov 5, 05:30 PM    #
  7. Got this one too, lots to like. My first project from it will be the tunic blouse which is shown in 4 variations.

    Sigrid    Nov 5, 06:58 PM    #
  8. Really like the combination dresses. Do you know if I can order it online from the UK? I live in Sweden and can’t get it here unfortunately.

    — Maria    Nov 5, 09:03 PM    #
  9. What a fabulous haul – couldn’t land into better hands than yours!!

    Isabelle    Nov 11, 01:34 PM    #

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