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Lingerie sewing supplies inventory

16 October 2012, 16:16

In advance of visiting Kantje Boord with Lauriana this weekend while I’m in Amsterdam to run the marathon, I thought it’d be a good idea to take a full inventory of my lingerie sewing supplies so I could see what I had vs what I needed, and hopefully not make duplicate purchases.

Oh. my. god. I really don’t think of myself as a “stasher” – I try to sew what I’ve got and keep it all fitting within the confines of my tiny sewing room, but I seriously have a ridiculous amount of lingerie supplies, and I hadn’t even realised it, because it was all stored in about four different places.

As a confession, here’s what I’ve got:




Why do I need thirteen pairs of underwires?? (Though to be fair, I think some were scavenged from old RTW bras…)

So my take-home lesson for this is that I clearly wish I was sewing more lingerie than I actually am. I mean, I do sew some lingerie, like the two Ruby Slips, several bras, and countless pairs of pants over the past few years, but my sewing output just hasn’t matched my shopping intake!

Now that I’ve seen what I’ve got, I really want to match pieces up and actually use them so I can wear it, instead of it taking up room in my already-crowded sewing cave. So, this, combined with the fact that I’m travelling with only carry-ons to Amsterdam means that I’ve made the following promise to myself in regards to Kantje Boord:

I, Melissa Fehr, will only allow myself to buy one kit (or comparable amount of fabrics and laces bought a’la carte) and no more than 5m elastic in total.

(Here’s the part where you all tell me in the comments what gorgeous stuff you bought at Kantje Boord that you wished you’d bought more of, just to test my resolve!!)

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  1. Good luck at marathon and be strong in the shop!%))

    Sveta    Oct 16, 04:46 PM    #
  2. Awareness is the first step, right?! At least they are relatively small things and not bundles of active wear, fleece, wool, jerseys… not that I would have personal experience ;-).
    Good luck in the run – rock those leggings!

    — M Kate    Oct 16, 06:17 PM    #
  3. You are a brave woman placing limits like that. Good luck with the marathon.

    Seraphinalina    Oct 16, 07:27 PM    #
  4. Making lingerie is highly addictive! Sounds like you have lots of lovely materials for future projects!

    Norma    Oct 16, 08:13 PM    #
  5. Very good of you to make that promise to yourself. But if you can stick to it???
    Have fun and do a good marathon, weather is going to be good.

    sigrid    Oct 16, 09:32 PM    #
  6. Surely if you have the strength to run a marathon you will have the strength to keep to your resolution!

    However, as long as you share w readers all the details of lovely purchases, doesn’t that make it ok?

    — Alison    Oct 17, 03:52 AM    #
  7. In an effort to figure out the best size and brand of wires, I own approximately 30 pairs. And I can’t even make a bra that uplifts.

    K-Line    Oct 18, 02:56 AM    #
  8. I wish I bought more kits (sorry!). I also wish I’d bought more of the findings like bows and trinkets, etc.

    cidell    Oct 22, 03:27 PM    #
  9. Umm, just read my comment from two years ago. I wasn’t kidding. I bought like eight kits when I went in September. And, have only sewed on test bra since. Obviously, I’m a stasher.

    — Cidell    Oct 24, 02:21 PM    #

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