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A chic little... sweatshirt?

8 October 2012, 14:44

It’s not the first time I’ve done the “upmarket sweatshirt” thing before – some of you may remember my Haute Hoodie back in 2008, but I think this new take has got even less in common with the usual sweatshirt idea than my earlier one!

The pattern here is Burda September 2012 #106 but it’s also available as purchased download pattern, too. I’m really liking that the English BurdaStyle.com site is finally getting the magazine patterns up more quickly these days, sometimes even before my print edition arrives!

I bought this turquoise sweatshirting back in 2010 from Fabric.com and had my parents bring it in their suitcases when they came for the wedding – it’s so difficult to find sweatshirting in non-traditional colours here in the UK! I’m not quite sure why it took me so long to sew this, as I love the colour and the sweatshirting is really nice quality, too.

Happily, I finished sewing this just before we left for our week’s holiday in the Loire Valley, so you get to see this top in a French pastoral setting rather than the usual London maritime one!

I just love the cut of this top – it’s so nicely fitted throughout the body, and the neckline and 3/4 length sleeves really are so chic. So like the title says, it really is a chic little sweatshirt! I’ve only had it for two weeks and already I’ve found myself reaching for it more often than I should. It’s really easy to wear and looks great just thrown on when it’s chilly.

I had already planned to sew this (and had even traced the pattern!) when I saw Amanda’s version of this top and it pushed me to finish it up extra quickly! I also see that Marina is planning to sew this as her September Couture Challenge so I’m very interested to hear what changes she makes to its construction.

The neckline is quite high in the front, but there’s a nice V-neck in the back, which is a great little detail!

Those curved front bust darts look intimidating on the pattern sheet but were actually very easy to sew – I made sure to thread trace the dart lines with some silk basting thread (which only took a few seconds), and I sewed these on the sewing machine instead of the overlocker (serger). There aren’t any darts in the back, but there’s lots of shaping in the centre back seam, so I wouldn’t recommend eliminating it to cut it on the fold, or you’ll get rid of the nice, flattering cut at the same time!

This pattern also has shoulder darts to add a but of shaping there, too. It’s important that you follow Burda’s construction steps with these, and sew the shoulder seam and dart in one go, or the effect won’t be nearly as nice. It means you can’t set the sleeves in flat, but the dart means you’re not really sewing it “in the round”, either, so it’s still pretty easy to achieve.

One strange thing I noticed is that the instructions call for batting in the neck band – seriously, wtf? I just shook my head and ignored that part. The neckband looks absolutely fine as-is, and I’m not sure why you’d want it to be puffy!

And finally, a “How I wore it” photo – to the Sunday market in Langeais, Loire Valley, France:

(The orange satchel bag is from ASOS, and I’m wearing my denim-look leggings throughout these photos, too. The baguettes are from a wonderful Artisanal boulangerie around the corner!)

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  1. I like this pattern! Was looking for fabric for such dress, but haven’t succeed yet.

    Sveta    Oct 8, 04:34 PM    #
  2. You should take a shopping trip to Denmark. We don’t have as much as in the States but I know from my English sewing friend that Denmark is way way better than the UK. Grab a plane to AAR (airport) and I’ll take you shopping. If you need to spend the night to fly cheap, you’re welcome.

    Check out the sweatshirt fabric on page 76: http://ipaper.ipapercms.dk/stofogstil/Danmark/2012/Modeefterr2012/ – that is just one of the shops. We can make it to at least 4 really good shops in a day.

    Drop me an email if you’d like to come, I’d be delighted to show you my hunting grounds. :-)


    Anne    Oct 8, 06:31 PM    #
  3. It certainly does have some lovely design lines – and that is always a bit attraction for me :) Very nice!

    poppykettle    Oct 8, 10:01 PM    #
  4. Fabulous! Makes me even more keen to make that pattern. I hadn’t realised it had all the shaping in the shoulder seams and the nice v-neck at the back

    Jane    Oct 9, 07:07 AM    #
  5. So cute! Well done on the pattern. I hadnĀ“t noticed it before…I will now look again at that Burda issue

    Sewing Princess    Oct 9, 02:20 PM    #
  6. I love it! Since I tend to live in jeans/leggings and T’s or sweatshirts I am off to see how I missed this in the magazine!

    Kim Hood    Oct 10, 12:02 PM    #
  7. Tres chic! Makes me rethink my decision to stop buying BOW….

    Kate S    Oct 11, 06:26 AM    #
  8. I love your version and the blue. I made this top in black. I had trouble with the arm pits. I had to raise them by almost 1”.

    — Kathi Giumentaro    Oct 11, 02:42 PM    #
  9. I hadn’t noticed the shaped neckline before, I like that detail. It explains why the neckband is so wide. The magazine photo really resembles a 1960’s top that way.

    lsaspacey    Oct 11, 09:52 PM    #
  10. Great top. The color is fabulous.

    Gwen    Oct 12, 12:04 AM    #
  11. This pattern has definitely moved up my list of stuff to sew – I saw Amanda’s version too. Yours is gorgeous! That colour is fantastic, and I love the cut and details.

    Dilly    Oct 15, 08:51 AM    #
  12. I loved this top when I saw it in Burda. All 3 views of it struck me a fitted sophisticated knit top with a 60’s look. Made in the recommended ponte knit, it would have a lot of structure. Clever you to see the potential for a more casual top in a diffent type knit. I agree the padded collar would look ridiculous on a sweatshirt, but it would look cool on a dressier version. Geoffery Beene (showing my age) used this type of collar in a lot of his designs.

    Audrey    Oct 21, 02:10 PM    #
  13. This is one on my to do list!

    Kemish    Nov 12, 11:53 PM    #

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