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Brick orange Marita draped dress

18 February 2013, 16:25

I fell in love with the design of the Style Arc “Marita” dress as soon as it was released, and I bought it right away. But that was back in our summer, and I thought the long sleeves would be better suited towards cooler weather, so I let it hibernate a bit in my pattern stash before adding it into my Fall/Winter 2012 Sewing Shortlist.

I bought some wonderful some brick orange (or “rust”) viscose-lycra jersey from Tissu and knew it’d have the perfect drapiness and recovery for this design. Coincidentally, it’s also the same fabric I made the Donna Karan skirt set in – I just love this stuff and you cannot beat the price (£3.50/m)!

The pattern front claims you can make it in one hour, and it really is ridiculously fast to sew! I don’t feel right showing the pattern pieces as I feel that’s giving away their design, and I really think this is ingenious. The finished dress looks really complicated, but in reality it’s just a basic knit dress with one dart and one tuck. That’s it.

It actually reminds me quite a bit of the Rick Owens top we tried to replicate a while back.

Style Arc patterns have a devoted following on the net, and I can see why. This is my first pattern of theirs, and they’ve got up-to-the-minute designs, a very RTW fit, and each patterns is traced off in your size when you order, so the patterns feel a bit like Marfy in that respect (I also like that the seam and cut lines are marked).

I absolutely love the fit of this! I also really like the high back neck, which brings the cowl in and doesn’t risk it slipping off your shoulders or down too far.

The only thing I didn’t like about this pattern is that the diagram for the shoulder seem was needlessly complicated. What they were trying to say is to fold the facing back around over the back at the shoulder seam, so that when you flip it right side out, the seam is encased, but if I wasn’t familiar with this technique already, I would’ve found their diagram totally baffling. Funny, but I actually did a post with step-by-step photos of this exact finish a while back!

The other issue is that with such a thin fabric and a fabulously close fit, this dress does show every little lump and bump – so you either need Spanx or some nicely smoothing tights (I’m wearing Flame tights by Wolford, btw, but no longer current season.).

Here you can see either side of the drape:

Anyway, I’m a big, big fan of Style Arc now just from this one pattern, and I totally want to sew this again, maybe in short sleeves and maybe shortened as a top!

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  1. That drape is gorgeous!

    Actually, from our discussion earlier on patterns vs plains… I can see with a penchant for dresses with drapes and details like this dress….. Patterns would TOTALLY ruin it.

    It’s stunning!

    Bundana x

    Caffy Bundy    Feb 18, 04:37 PM    #
  2. lovely! i’ll have to check style arc out! and thanks for the link to tissu – that is a great price!

    Sew Little Time    Feb 18, 06:02 PM    #
  3. This fantastic! Nice color choice, it looks so good. I should give this pattern company a try.

    Kathy    Feb 18, 06:52 PM    #
  4. This is the ultimate scroll-down post… I love the dress, and then when I got about half way through your post, I thought, “I have to know where those tights are from!” so thank you for sharing that detail with us too. I’ve never seriously considered Style Arc but your dress has caused me to question my initial judgment!

    meli88a    Feb 18, 09:07 PM    #
  5. Great dress. You’ve picked a great colour too.

    velogiant    Feb 18, 09:19 PM    #
  6. Wow this dress looks so expensive, classy and elegant and the fit is great. Great job.

    Manju    Feb 18, 09:44 PM    #
  7. Very pretty

    Jane    Feb 18, 11:33 PM    #
  8. This may well be the pattern that pushes me over the “must buy Style arc” edge! Great dress and the colour is really lovely too.

    allisonC    Feb 19, 08:34 AM    #
  9. The dress is very nice – congratulations – the drapey twisty look is very ‘on trend’. Funnily enough I was just looking at the Style Arc website. Some of their styles are too young for an ‘old trout’ like Sincerely Thine and it’s a shame that shipping costs from sunny Australia are expensive. They have some classic styles that older women could get away with though. Incidentally I did not realise just how bad your shingles were and hope you continue to improve.

    — Patricia O    Feb 19, 08:43 AM    #
  10. Love this! The style and colour look great on you. I too really like Tissu Fabrics. Brilliant service and prices! I think Style Arc will be inundated with orders for this pattern after your review. It really does look lovely on you. Thanks for posting.

    — rachel UK    Feb 19, 09:44 AM    #
  11. That is a very clever pattern that I could see it in a top version as well. And what a great color for you! The flame tights are AWESOME. Love it!

    — M Kate    Feb 19, 07:44 PM    #
  12. Gorgeous! I am so buying this pattern!
    I love this colour on you and your hair is stunning!
    Big hugs and I hope you feel better soon xxx

    Isabelle    Feb 19, 08:28 PM    #
  13. Holy cow! It is the Rick Owens top in dress form! And it looks great on you.

    Clio    Feb 19, 08:42 PM    #
  14. Very nice!!!

    ZoSews    Feb 20, 09:40 AM    #
  15. Lovely! Too bad they don’t offer multisized patterns, because I’m spread out over three. Now that’s not such a big deal with knits, but still.

    Sanne    Feb 20, 11:50 AM    #
  16. Love all three of these! And the hosiery with the stylearc dress is tres chic!

    — Katelyn    Feb 22, 04:34 PM    #
  17. Holey dooley I LOVE THIS DRESS. It’s so flattering on you too!!! Great colour :)

    poppykettle    Mar 3, 09:33 AM    #

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