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Burda magazine June 2013

5 June 2013, 12:42

I’m a tad late with my review of the latest Burda magazine (or as it’s known these days “Burda Style” – but that just makes it too confusing with the other zillion things they do with the same name), but a) it arrived in the midst of my World tour, b) it’s competing with both the April and May Manequim magazines, and c) well, I have made something from it already so I think I’ve earned a pass!

In any case, this is a surprisingly good issue, despite being a summer one!

First up is this sheath dress with angled side panels and hand-stitched details. On first glance it appears quite vintage-inspired, but the sharp seaming in the line drawing actually shows it’s a pretty modern draft!

I chose this next image not really for the batiste skater skirt (which isn’t really my style), but because OMG is this the first black model Burda have ever used?? And I realise this is the “street style” section so she’s not really a model per say, but seriously, I cannot believe how white Burda’s models are, even when they’re showcasing African or Moroccan or Asian inspired patterns they still use white models!*

A bit of an aside, but as I was travelling the other week I saw a massive advert for the German Wings budget airline with three cabin crew ladies: a blonde, a brunette, and a redhead. To which I chuckled to myself “oh, it’s German diversity!”

Next up is a nice figure-hugging knit dress with a cowl neck and gathered side seams. It’s also available as a top, which I think would be an excellent summer basic, or even for layering under jackets.

We get a vintage pattern this month in the form of a 1960s pantsuit! I like that the top has a bit of a peplum silhouette without being overly peplum-y.

This next dress has some interesting seaming going on, but if you look at the instructions, those bands are actually applied over top (so you could easily choose not to have the curved waist one, for example, as it’s just placed on top of the main dress pieces). It’s not immediately apparent, but this uses the same main pieces as the scuba top below.

Burda have styled this top and shorts set as a scuba set, but in my mind it’s the perfect running or cycling combo! Again, those neon bands are just applied over top of the main pieces, so you can easily leave them off. One thing that’s not apparent in the photo or line drawing is that this has side panels rather than side seams, which I love in running tops, and it’s a great use of jersey scraps, too.

In fact, I’ve actually made the top already, out of some old race shirts – it’s just awaiting a photoshoot! For exercise gear, it’s great, but beware if you’re making the banded dress or teeshirt views, because this is very snug, with little to no ease, so you probably want to size up for a more relaxed fit!

Also, it was Google Adsense payment time again, so thank you all very much for your continued support through your readership! This time around, I used the payment to renew my Burda magazine subscription for another 6 months, plus buy some fabrics and thread from Minerva!

I actually ordered two of the fluorescent yellow spools and I thought one was missing until I realised it was hiding inside one of the big blue thread cones! I even shook out all my fabrics to be sure, ha!

* To be fair, I’ve still not seen any black models in Manequim magazine either, but KnipMode used to use different ethnicities all the time…

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  1. “despite being a summer one!” So funny – I usually like the summer Burdas best! And I think there was a lot to like in this issue – just when I think I don’t need another ruched dress pattern I am proven wrong!

    Clio    Jun 5, 03:22 PM    #
  2. I immediately thought ‘running top’ when I saw the scuba top too. I’ve actually been waiting for something like this to show up in the magazine, but I’ll have to wait a little to use it (healing from a back injury). So I’m really looking forward to seeing your version-since you are the expert on sewing for running and all!

    I would really like to see more (some) diversity in Burdastyle also. Diversity of all kinds. I was rather surprised to see that the woman modeling the 2-strap tank with big dots was a little older (maybe 30-40). Has there ever been an Asian model at all?

    — Jen    Jun 5, 04:11 PM    #
  3. Terrible plus sizes as per the usual lately. The rest is too young for me, though I did find one or two things of interest.

    — Nancy K    Jun 5, 07:18 PM    #
  4. I was also pleasantly surprised by this June issue, and once again our favorites match. First thing I zoomed in on was the cycling (or running, or SCUBA) pieces! Thanks for the top tips; I look forward to seeing your version.

    — M Kate    Jun 5, 09:05 PM    #
  5. I did not find too much that I liked in this issue. But I have to admit that I totally missed the potential of the scuba top. Thanks for tip! I have been meaning to sew more workout clothes. Looking forward to seeing your version!

    Julia    Jun 5, 09:33 PM    #
  6. Good to know the scuba top works as a running top-it’s on my list to try. My favourite Ts for activewear have side panels, but I hadn’t seen a pattern like this before.

    — rebeccas    Jun 6, 12:45 AM    #
  7. I live that sheath dress with panels. This looks like a good issue..I might have to order it..

    Valerie    Jun 6, 12:57 AM    #
  8. I noticd there was an older model too, as in she was 30something and not the very young 20something models and real life girls they usually have. I liked this issue too, it was a bit better than their usual make a wispy bit of fabric into a wispy bit of clothing that they normally do for summer!

    Kristy    Jun 6, 08:26 AM    #
  9. I’m super loving that knit cowl-neck dress… I haven’t liked a Burda pattern in a while so it’s a nice surprise!

    Mikhaela    Jun 6, 03:35 PM    #
  10. My daughter loves the batiste skirt on the coloured model. I’ve got until November to make it for her though, as it’s winter here.

    I have the magazine on order from ebay, it’s really hard to find here.

    Melinda    Jun 8, 10:44 PM    #

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