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Burda magazine March 2013

1 March 2013, 13:34

I’ve seen a lot of hate for this issue online, and after the fabulous February issue, well, it was certainly going to be a hard act to follow. But if you look beyond the bridal and the strange styling (ankle-length lace vest, anyone?), there are some truly great patterns hiding in these pages…

First up is something so good I’ve already traced it and mentally assigned stash fabric to it – a cardigan with a gathered front, shown here in stretch lace, but also elsewhere in a different jersey. Cardigans aren’t something I’m usually attracted to, and in fact, I’ve never sewn one that I can recall, but I really like the look of this one, and I even like the idea of a lace one as a dressy coverup for a few weddings I’ve got coming up…

I will probably never make them, but big up to Burda for including a pattern for leather trousers. Often sewists complain that there are too many “easy sew” sack patterns in magazines, but Burda really are including difficult patterns in here, too. (I’m not even going to mention the unspeakably ugly cape, though.)

And to go with the leather trousers, a biker jacket! Though not in leather, I still love the seaming and topstitching details in this, and it’s uncommon to see a biker jacket pattern with a centre-front closure instead of diagonal.

There’s a whole section devoted to wedding dresses in this issue (as is Burda’s March tradition), and on the whole, the designs neither excited nor offended me, with the exception of this little number, which is a shapeless A-line dress with a bizarrely-placed cummerbund over the boobs. I mean, I know it’s oddly traditional to dress your bridesmaids in ugly dresses they’d never wear again, but really? Really?

I’m a big fan of cowl tops, and Burda have been also clearly in love with them over the past year, and here’s another – this time a basic, sleeveless jersey top. I’m sure it’ll be popular as an easy alternative to a basic teeshirt come summertime, but I don’t really feel the need to sew this myself right now. I am interested in the trousers though, if only because Burda tend to latch on to the new trousers shapes months before anyone else does (remember the carrot trousers and how we laughed in 2008?), and these might prove to be something I go back and sew at a much later date.

To me, this looks like the quintessential tourist outfit, and not in a derogatory way. The shirt has some nice touches in the various bands and the button placement, and the shorts are a variation on the trousers above.

The Plus designs have been getting better in the last few issues, and I like the bold geometric and monochrome direction they headed this month. This blouse is totally made by the contrast bands!

And finally, out a children’s section with some truly odd designs comes some amazing basics for older children (thank god it’s not another set that stops at 128cm!!), including jeans, a retro jacket, and this retro-style raglan sleeved baseball teeshirt. And I’ve already traced this one for my nephew, too (and graded up one size to a 164).

I’m off to Paris for the weekend, so I may succumb to the fabric shops in Montmarte again, but sadly, I’m not well enough to run the half marathon again like last year, so I’ll be cheering on my friends and consoling myself with mountains of macarons and pastries instead. Au revoir!

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  1. Sorry to hear you can’t do the half-marathon, hope you get some kick-ass pastries as compensation!

    I actually really liked this issue! I like in cardigans so super-keen to sew up a lace one. I even sort of liked the cape… (hides)

    Kathryn    Mar 1, 02:20 PM    #
  2. I love this issue. Yes there are some odd things in it but the pants, cardigan and jacket are my favorites. My 20 year old was looking over my shoulder while I was looking through this issue and aksed what the heck was going on with that cape?

    — Kathi Giumentaro    Mar 1, 03:10 PM    #
  3. I absolutely LOVE that cardigan! Keeping my fingers crossed that it makes it to the BurdaStyle website in the US. I don’t want/need the whole magazine, but do want/need that cardigan! :)

    — gatorgirl4325    Mar 1, 03:21 PM    #
  4. Despite being the wedding issue, I’m fairly happy with March. (For the subscription cost, all I ask is for one or two “good” patterns.) The cape looks like a batray or canvas version of emergency rainwear, but it might serve as a decent base for something. (But probably not for me). The cardigan, I think, is the best pattern and I’m betting that quite a few will pop up online…

    — Jen    Mar 1, 04:04 PM    #
  5. March is a great issue – I just finished a project from an older issue (2011) and I am now re-arranging my sewing schedule because there are so many things in this magazine that I want to make! Every time I look through this magazine I find something new that I want to have…

    T. Sedai    Mar 1, 06:42 PM    #
  6. Too bad about he marathon! Hopefully you will be back to full strength soon. I agree, the cardigan s nice. I also kind of like the wacky cape!

    Karin    Mar 1, 08:10 PM    #
  7. I might be the only one, but I’m kind of liking that cape. I never make clothes like that either. Somehow, I’m drawn to it. Maybe I’ll make one and you’ll love it. Either that or I’ll hate it.

    dawn    Mar 1, 10:29 PM    #
  8. Ooh, I just cracked this open. This is one of my favorite issues this year. Sadly I feel so backed up on poor Burda.

    Amy    Mar 2, 06:59 PM    #
  9. I agree, it was a pleasant surprise to open the March burda and discover some very nice patterns after all the online noise.

    I was in Paris last summer, and one of the wonderful restaurants we went to was Restaurant Benoit in the Marais. It is a fabulous bistro that is part of the Alain Ducasse group. It is pricey but excellent.
    Another wonderful place we went was Le Bamboche in the 7th arrondissement. I am not affiliated with either restaurant but loved them both, so if you are interested you could look them up.

    — Becca A    Mar 2, 07:23 PM    #
  10. I sew some very sewable items – I especially like the pants and cowl top set. And too bad I’ve downsized from the plus range – the black and white blouse is lovely.

    Gail    Mar 2, 08:33 PM    #
  11. having a morning of illiteracy. I meant I see not I sew!

    Gail    Mar 2, 08:35 PM    #
  12. (I like the cape.)

    — Cate    Mar 3, 01:23 AM    #
  13. That cardigan caught my eye too. I’ve been on the lookout for a pattern like that one!

    poppykettle    Mar 3, 09:02 AM    #

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