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Burda magazine February 2013

25 January 2013, 11:38

Thanks very much for all your kind get well wishes on my shingles and compliments on my lingerie set! I’m finally starting to feel a little bit better today, plus I’ve been a lingerie sewing whirlwind while ill so I’ve got lots more to show you, including some using the purple lace I bought at Kantje Boord in October!

In the meantime though, I want to show you my picks from the latest Burda magazine, because this one is a real keeper!

I LOVE this teeshirt with gathers on the raglan seams (front and back). There’s also a short sleeved version, too – I am totally making this!

Burda have a new feature in this issue (maybe it makes up for the lack of vintage pattern?) where they compare a bunch of their patterns with the latest catwalk trends…

Burda are on fire with the knit tops in this issue – how amazing is this teeshirt with the gathered and draped section? I love it paired with jeans, too, though I don’t really agree with the lady about it being 50s style! Oh, there’s also a sleeveless dress version of this design, too.

I’m not usually a fan of maxi dresses, but this Grecian-style gown is lovely, and just so happens to have the illustrated instructions for this issue, too.

Here’s one for the Southern hemisphere petite ladies – a really lovely pleated sheath dress, definitely more suited to their Februaries than ours!

Oh Burda, stop it, you’re killing me – another amazing knit top in this issue??! But seriously, I adore this asymmetric top! That neckline, the gathered cap sleeve… okay, I’m not keen on the diagonal hem, but that’s ridiculously easy to straighten. There’s a dress version of this, too, which has the beginner illustrated instructions in the magazine portion.

Ooh, a designer asymmetric sheath dress, from Paule Ka! I’m not that keen on the bow – I’d personally just make that a plain belt, but I love the architectural quality of the pleating. I’m not familiar with the designer but I may have to go snoop shopping at his London boutique now!

And finally, the Plus patterns are all wedding-themed this month, and I’m pleased to see a few figure-hugging designs included, like this cowl-necked sheath dress. Burda have been tending towards oversized sack designs for Plus lately, which just doesn’t seem fair!

My January Manequim was a little late (presumably from the snow here in the UK), but it’s finally arrived so I’ll have that to show you next week, and dayamn if you’re Plus-sized you might just want to buy it on eBay sight unseen, because there are some amazing designs in there!

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  1. I am really liking your picks in this issue!
    The feature comparing the month’s patterns with catwalk trends is always in the Italian version, I might get Mum to buy me this one to see whether they also have got rid of the vintage pattern (hope not!)

    Stef    Jan 25, 12:36 PM    #
  2. Totally agree! This is a great issue.

    Karin    Jan 25, 12:56 PM    #
  3. I’m planning on buying it for that first t-shirt alone! LOVE.

    Lucy    Jan 25, 01:01 PM    #
  4. Hey, glad your getting better! I already made the raglan/gathered SS t-shirt and I really happy with it, gonna make the LS version this weekend :)

    Claire (aka Seemane)    Jan 25, 01:10 PM    #
  5. Glad you are starting to feel better! Thanks for the Burda review.

    Knit top #127 was just added to my list. Love!

    Norma    Jan 25, 01:20 PM    #
  6. I loved this issue too!! I picked every last one of those designs (tracing the top this weekend) and also liked a couple of the jackets including the one on the cover!!

    DD    Jan 25, 02:42 PM    #
  7. I just re-subscribed to Burda and was totally planning to be disappointed by it. But HELLO! All of these great patterns… I’m a bit overwhelmed. I’ve seen you talk a bit about Manequim so I ordered a few issues… love it after reading through them. Thanks for sharing :) Can’t wait to see your garments all sewn up.

    Kathy    Jan 25, 04:18 PM    #
  8. Agreed, this is a fairly good issue. I don’t know where they got that top being a 50s style either. The dots? I’m thinking about making it in the sleeveless dress version. The ‘southern hemisphere’ dress may be nice too in a knit without the zip.

    — Jen    Jan 25, 04:21 PM    #
  9. I agree with everything you said – especially about the designer dress. I love it but I would edit out the bow.

    Clio    Jan 25, 04:29 PM    #
  10. I was a tiny bit disappointed by this one. The Feb 2012 issue was so brilliant (think I got five garments out of it) but this one had no ‘must makes’ in it for me. Lots of nice things, just lacking something. I did love the Paule Ka dress but it’s way too cold to make a sleeveless shift dress right now. And I agree with you about the bow.

    Catherine Daze    Jan 25, 06:10 PM    #
  11. I think the first top will be pretty popular! I plan to doit too%)

    Sewing Sveta    Jan 25, 08:41 PM    #
  12. I agree this is a fantastic issue and everything you have highlighted is on my must make list too.

    allisonC    Jan 26, 03:57 AM    #
  13. My favourite is the Paule Ka dress. I do also think the bow maybe best left off. Looks good on the model, but for us mere mortals….? Melissa, can I ask when you mention buying Manequim on eBay are you not talking about eBay UK? I always get 0 results whenever I put this in the search box.

    — SHEREE    Jan 26, 01:09 PM    #
  14. That so funny… Guess what the last design was which M and I added to her new collection… a fitted shirt with gathers at the raglan sleeves! And I was planning to make myself one as well. And now it turns out Burda had the same idea. I still want one though ;)
    I like the knit tops in this issue although the one with the draped center front section is so not a 1950’s style.
    I have my doubts about the Paule Ka dress. I don’t mind never having heard of the designer, there might be any number of briljant designers I haven’t heard of. However, in my experience you need a drapey fabric (wovens cut on the bias as well) to make a cowl
    neck work, and a crisp one to show off a signature folded edge. Although the folds in the technical drawing suggest that the front neckline is at least off grain and probably on the bias, I still think it would be very hard to find a fabric which would show off both features well.

    lauriana    Jan 26, 05:43 PM    #
  15. You crack me up – I have flagged all the same pieces in this issue as must-makes! Totally agree with you. Great knit tops alone in this issue! I didn’t think that draped front top was ’50s, either. Hope you are feeling better these days! What a winter you’ve had.

    — M Kate    Jan 26, 08:52 PM    #
  16. I love all the knit tops and dresses in this issue. That plus dress looks interesting, too. I just wish we could actually see it in the photo!

    Shannon    Jan 27, 03:20 AM    #
  17. I haven’t seen this issue locally yet but I will make a point of looking for it now. I love those knit tops!
    Good to hear you are feeling better.

    Kim Hood    Jan 27, 02:07 PM    #
  18. Thanks for showing us your faves from the February Burda. I like the raglan sleeve tee and the “50’s(?)” top. I also like the Paule Ka sheath, but I like the bow. I saw the plus size offerings a few days ago on the site. They are better on this go around. I really like the plus size jacket they feature. And have you seen the new MyImage…looks great and they finally are featuring something for plus size sewists!

    — susan    Jan 27, 08:18 PM    #
  19. It’s yonks since I bought a sewing or craft magazine. I think the ones from my youth have gone to magazine heaven but looks like your picks from this magazine will keep you out of mischief for a while – whether they will keep your kitty out of mischief is another matter. Also, I never sympathised with you regarding your suffering with shingles previously. A friend of mine had it a couple of years back and my late Dad had it when I was a nipper [I had the chickenpox at the same time – I think it’s the same microbe, I can’t remember offhand whether it’s a virus or a bacterium, so I know it’s not a pleasant condition to have, so glad you’re on the road to recovery.

    — Patricia O    Jan 28, 07:02 PM    #
  20. I always enjoys your Burda reviews, And agree that raglan sleeve top is great looking. Can’t wait for some free time to make your underwear. And I am supremely sorry about the shingles. Gawd they hurt and the virus is a general downer too. Take care and consider natural anti-virals.

    Sigrid    Feb 6, 01:47 AM    #

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