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Catching up...

15 February 2013, 12:24

A month on, and I’m still ravaged by the shingles attack that hit me in mid-January. Absolutely everyone who saw my torso said it was the worst case they’ve ever seen (doctors included), and lucky, lucky me, the little bugger caused nerve damage, which means the pain in my side could continue on for months or possibly a year (again, lucky, lucky me). I’m on four different prescription painkillers until the neural-specific one hopefully starts working soon, so I’ve been stuck at home Resting (I hate resting.). The good news is that the doctor says I can now go do the odd half day at work and very easy run here and there as it’s driving me crazy not to, but I’m not to overdo things. But even that’s better than being chained to a couch!

Anyway, I’ve done as much resting as it’s humanly possible for Melissa to do, which means I’ve been lying flat on my back and sleeping for most of the days, but I managed to squeeze in some sewing, almost entirely in 5 minute segments, followed by 20 minutes of rest. Rinse & repeat… These will have photoshoots and proper posts coming hopefully next week!

The amazingly simple-to-sew Style Arc Marita dress:

A grey wool “chic sweatshirt”:

A pair of pleated, My Image denim-look leggings:

A quick, gathered raglan merino wool sweater from the February BurdaStyle magazine:

In addition, I finished a purple version of the Elan 530 bra, and I’ve finally made one that felt totally comfortable! Before jumping for joy, however, I took some selfies, and the look is Not Flattering – the girls look rather pointy…

So I’ve consulted with Orange Lingerie and I think I know how to adjust the cup now. Happily I have plenty of purple supplies left to make another, though I’ll probably do an interim version in different fabric though, possible using some foam cup lining I bought at Kantje Boord.

And I’m tempted to use the lining because my mom bought me this “Patternmaking for Underwear Design” book by surprise (it was on my Wish List), and it’s fabulous and it advises the foam lining in all its bras.

I haven’t felt brave enough to draft one of the bras yet, but I dipped in by drafting their teeshirt sloper, which is drafted with 10% negative ease. Having made a quick test version in scrap jersey (which is actually good enough to wear around the boat), the only change I’d make is to lengthen it at the hem – everything else is perfect, and I actually prefer the close fit to Aldrich’s looser knit sloper!

(this uses the brick jersey leftover from Marita above for the back, sleeves, and neck binding, and purple jersey leftover from this skirt for the front)

Having been encouraged by the fit of this, and being super inspired by a particular teeshirt in the new Young Image magazine (reviews of this and the new My Image also coming soon!), I decided to draft an adult version of this design I could use for running.

I’ve done a quick muslin in scrap lycra (just with basting stitches and no binding), and I’m really happy with it, so no changes will be made for the final version. I might even break into the Disconium fabric again…

Oh and thank you all so much for all the versions of your Lacey Thong panties you’re sending in to me! Keep them coming! And the winner of the kit (by random number draw) was Carol, so congratulations to her!

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  1. Oh poor girl! I hate to be ill so can imagine your mood! Wish you quick recovery and no more pain!!

    Sveta    Feb 15, 12:59 PM    #
  2. You get more done when you are unwell and resting than most of us do at full strength! Hope things improve soon – heard today that my nephew has just been diagnosed with shingles too.

    LauraVW    Feb 15, 01:10 PM    #
  3. shingles is so horrible! so sorry to hear about the extra issues with nerve damage on top of that. don’t overdo it tho – slow and steady, and lots of lovely short sessions is the way to go. feel better soon!

    Sew Little Time    Feb 15, 01:31 PM    #
  4. Oh, I am so sorry! I knew you were poorly, but I don’t think I’d quite computed that it was as bad as this. I’m really sorry. How awful for you. I know how you must hate not being able to get out running along the river. Am sending you lots of love and support. Well done on keeping your hand in, sewing. Something to keep you sane!

    Did You Make That?    Feb 15, 02:15 PM    #
  5. How painful and awful! Feel better.

    Clio    Feb 15, 03:29 PM    #
  6. Style arc dress looks great. Cowl and wrap style in one – sounds a winner! Hope your health improves quickly for you Melissa.

    — SHEREE    Feb 15, 04:38 PM    #
  7. I’m so glad you’re able to do a bit now rather than lying around ALL the time.

    I’m very interested to read of your experience using the foam cup lining. I’ve just bought some and made two cups, but I’m not sure yet how I want to modify the fabric pieces. Looking forward to seeing what you do!

    — LisaB    Feb 15, 05:15 PM    #
  8. Shingles, that’s awful. My mom had it for 6 months once. I hope you heal up fast!

    Elizabeth    Feb 15, 05:48 PM    #
  9. Oh wow, poor you! I really hope you get better soon! Best wishes, Marlise

    Marlise    Feb 15, 07:25 PM    #
  10. Shingles? My goodness, I remember my grandmother having it when I was a kid. Not fun. Hope that you feel better sooner than later.
    I love the Style Arc dress and am looking forward to seeing it on you.

    — Nancy K    Feb 15, 07:32 PM    #
  11. Poor you Melissa. I do hope that the painkillers start to act very soon.
    The t-shirt looks great – and whilst I use Winnie Aldrich for some of my pattern cutting there are many others I feel are better. Dont be tempted to try her trouser block! I must look more deeply at the book for undies you recommend.
    Get well soon. Kim

    Kim Hood    Feb 15, 08:15 PM    #
  12. So sorry you are still struggling with the the dreaded shingles and neuralgia. I understand how hard it is to lay low. Actually that is why I’m taking up knitting! Hope you feel better soon.

    Andrea    Feb 15, 08:35 PM    #
  13. I’m feeling for you with the shingles. I never had them badly, but for a while there I kept getting them…3 times in one year. Wishing you a complete recovery!

    I love that patternmaking book and have drafted a few things from it. I did have to muck around with the basic bra pattern, but that might be a reflection of my shape rather than the pattern. I haven’t tried the t-shirt draft though, so I am pleased to hear that it is a good ‘un.

    Hope your stamina builds up to longer stretches of sewing soon! Get well, Kx

    Katherine Howison    Feb 15, 08:42 PM    #
  14. I hope you are better soon. Can’t believe how much you’ve sewn in your 5 ‘minute bursts!

    Jane    Feb 15, 09:32 PM    #
  15. That SUCKS. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve contracted neuralgia. It does sound very Victorian! And I hope the drugs keep any discomfort at bay until your body re-finds its equilibrium.

    K-Line    Feb 15, 09:46 PM    #
  16. I hope good health catches up with you soon. Love that Style Arc dress pattern.

    Gail    Feb 16, 06:37 AM    #
  17. I am so sorry about the shingles. It really is quite horrid – but I am amazed how much sewing you have managed to do. I do hope you can be back to work and running very soon.

    — Anne Frances    Feb 16, 09:51 AM    #
  18. Bless you! That must be horrible for you.I really hope you feel better soon. And thank you so much for continuing to post, even while feeling rubbish!! Best wishes

    — rachel UK    Feb 16, 10:45 AM    #
  19. I’m sorry to hear how bad you’re feeling and will send you much positive, healing energy.

    Note please that you are much more productive sick than I am feeling good and on vacation! Wow!

    silvia    Feb 16, 03:33 PM    #
  20. Those shingles sound so horrible! I can only wish you the very best, again. I really hope you feel better soon. Still trying to send you ‘never get ill’ mojo…

    You did get a surprising amount of sewing done despite it though. I’m looking forward to seeing the results.

    I’ve just finished my first succesful bra (self-drafted) which matches the panties I made using you pattern. Posted about it here: http://petitmainsauvage.blogspot.nl/2013/02/and-matching-bra.html
    I think even if you don’t end up drafting bras (or anything for that matter) yourself, studying patternmaking will help with adapting existing patterns.

    lauriana    Feb 16, 04:02 PM    #
  21. Sorry to hear you are still feeling terrible, keep resting even though it is hard! All your makes look great, look forward to seeing them when you are better.

    allisonC    Feb 17, 01:38 AM    #
  22. Oh my goodness Melissa – that sounds positively awful!! I totally understand the need to do something nonetheless.

    Big hugs!!

    Isabelle    Feb 17, 10:28 AM    #
  23. Good to see you can do a bit more now Melissa.
    Your blog however continues to keep me busy as I’ll be making a arm band for my iphone in the next week or 2.
    So while you’ve been recovering, you’re posts have been busy.
    Best wishes, Maria

    Velosewer    Feb 18, 12:06 AM    #
  24. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the Marita dress. I’ve been eyeing off that pattern, even have a couple of perfect fabrics here for it.

    Hope you recover quickly, shingles is NOT fun! You could try massaging Magnesium (from a Health food store or Naturopath) into the affected area. That often helps with pain management, without being a drug.

    Melinda    Feb 18, 06:09 AM    #

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