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Thank You!

8 March 2009, 10:49

I’ve been so touched by all the kind thoughts and words that everyone has sent to me since I spoke about my illness here. A few of you decided to send cards and gifts, too, which just blows me away! I never expected such an outpouring of camaraderie and kindness, and for that, I thank each and every one of you.

These adorable wooden koala and kangaroo buttons are from Sandra in Australia, through whose quest for instructions on the KnipMode twist top, I discovered the pattern myself!

She got them from this local shop, and I really must find the perfect place to use these as an accent!

Then I got a mysterious package in the post with a card from Cidell!

She posted about this Chinese-themed sewing kit a couple weeks ago and I commented on how I’d had it on my various birthday and Christmas lists for a few years but never quite received it! And then it arrived out of the blue! :D

It’s really adorable, and completely functional, too. It’s pretty much got everything I need to work on projects on the go, plus enough room to add a spool of thread in the colour of whatever I’m working on, and the tin is so cute I just love bringing it out in public! (The needles came in a dial-a-needle case that refused to twist, so hence why they’re organised on fabric scraps in the photo above!). I used to have to pick out the tools I needed from my sewing room whenever I went to my various craft nights or brought projects to the boat’s back cabin to work on in the evenings, so having a second copy of stuff all together in one box has been really very handy.

You can buy them here (Use the code “CRUNCH” for 20% off this week, too!), or see the entire range of kits here.

There’s good news on the bone marrow donor front – I’ve been told they’ve found five broad matches for me so now those five will go to have more sensitive tests done to try and see which one or two are the absolute closest to me as possible. My brother was only a half-match, though, so he’s disappointed he won’t be getting a free flight to London any time soon! As such, it looks like the transplant will be pushed back to later in April, which means I’ll get to enjoy Easter in relative freedom, and also give me more time to sew up some more projects before then (hooray!).

It’s still a hazy, formative idea at this point, but there may be a way for some of you to contribute to my fight against hospital boredom. When I was little, there were some kids that donated little wrapped toys and colouring books and stuff so I had something to open every day I was in hospital, and I’m thinking a grown up version of this would be nice, especially since I can expect to be in for 6 weeks (that’s, umm, 42 days, ick!) with the high possibility of being admitted a few times after the transplant, too. I do not want anyone to spend much money on this – it’s a request for fun activities, not cash!

Possible ideas might include:

But I’m sure you can come up with better ideas! I’m foreseeing having a box with all the little wrapped activities inside, and pick one of of the box each day, and hopefully blog about these on the days when I’m feeling stronger.

I’ll gather together the specifics of where to send stuff closer to the time when I know my hospital dates, but you can get thinking in the meantime. I’ll be restricted to handsewing (no knitting or crocheting please), but I will have tv and wifi (with limited bandwith so no sucking down YouTube all day) in my room. As far as I know, the only restrictions I have are 1) No flowers, and 2) Nothing from anyone who has even the slightest cough or cold or runny nose, as I’ll have no immune system and could catch germs off anything you pack…

I’ve been reluctant to post about this idea of mine as I’m a bit afraid that it’ll come across as a big selfish “Send me gifts!” grab, which isn’t what I mean at all! But so many people are asking how they can help, or that they’re happy to email me every day to keep me company that I wanted to do something more organised that won’t tax any few people in particular. And of course, if any Londoners want to travel down to Denmark Hill, I am allowed visitors, two at a time (and no sickies!)…

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  1. How about if I send you some Reiki and other healthy thoughts?

    Mary in FL    Mar 8, 02:39 PM    #
  2. Sounds like a great idea to me :) I’ll just sit here, think, and wait for further information!

    — Ruth    Mar 8, 05:02 PM    #
  3. Hi Melissa. I must have missed your hospital post!!! I hope it all goes well for you. Sounds like a long time! I will keep my eyes peeled for hospital amusement to send to you. x

    juliab    Mar 8, 05:10 PM    #
  4. Putting my thinking cap on! Thanks for being pro-active on this – we all want to help, but need to know the rules up front.

    — luckylibbet    Mar 8, 05:42 PM    #
  5. Great idea – maybe some interesting and unusual paper to do some paper crafting/card making – something easy to do without much equipment. And you are not coming across as ‘send me presents’ – it’s a great way to pass the time…

    Anna Browne    Mar 8, 05:45 PM    #
  6. I’ll be racking my old brain for amusing ideas. Let us know your mailing address. Hugs from an old Mom type.

    MrsV    Mar 9, 06:12 AM    #
  7. I think its a wonderful idea – it gives people a positive way to send you good thoughts and you know we all want to do that!

    Sue    Mar 9, 10:26 AM    #
  8. Denmark Hill – That must be King’s College hospital. When you know more just what is happening I’ll try to see if I can come – assuming you are both up to and not overwhelmed by visitors and in any case I’ll be thinking about what might be fun to do. So glad there seems to be a bone marrow match – I’m too old to be a donor. But that is the first hurdle over which has to be good news.

    — Anne Frances    Mar 9, 11:14 AM    #
  9. Great ideas. Too many people make the mistake of NOT asking for help or kindness. Good for you, we know you’ll need it and appreciate it.

    lsaspacey    Mar 9, 09:12 PM    #
  10. I love a challenge! Hope to come up with something you like (and wish you well too)

    — Kim Hood    Mar 10, 03:05 PM    #
  11. I’m thrilled with this post! A couple of years ago I had to have my hip replaced and I think the boredom of the stay was the worst! It was brilliant of you to post it! Ruth’s comment made me laugh – I’ll do the same.

    Rachel S.    Mar 10, 09:45 PM    #
  12. I’m happy to know that the bone marrow donor is close to be found and you have 5 possible donors now. I’m crossing fingers and sending good vibes so you’ll get better soon!

    Tany    Mar 14, 01:52 PM    #
  13. I will be thinking about goodies to send for your hospital say, as well as prayers for you and your bone marrow donor. And I can’t wait to see that green silk dress!

    — Becky    Mar 20, 05:57 PM    #
  14. Good idea. I’ve been waiting with my reaction, but now I’m sure: I’ll be in England and visit London last week of April. If possible I’d like to visit, or at least pass the latest Knip Mode to you.

    Sigrid    Mar 21, 02:57 PM    #

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