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Pattern Magic - Apple Peel leggings

19 June 2012, 13:19

I gave you a sneak peek of these yesterday, but I doubt any of you were looking at the leggings!! You’re forgiven, though!

This design is from the third Pattern Magic book, and was super easy for me because I didn’t have to draft anything! I already had a great legging pattern to start with, from an old KnipMode magazine I’ve made a few times before. Note that you need a legging pattern with separate front and back pieces, so the two recent Burda magazine leggings (in the June and January 2012 issues if I remember correctly) won’t work as a starting point. Or you can just draft one from scratch as the book suggests.

All the work here is in the measuring, slicing, and spreading of the pattern pieces – I very cleverly wrote the size of the spread between each of the pieces, so when it came time to do the other pattern piece, I could easily make it the same amount so everything matched up.

I’m leaning, like the book’s pose!

I was going to make these out of the same purple jersey I made the starburst skirt from last week, but I was a few inches short. Note that this pattern requires 150cm wide fabric, and mine only just barely fit onto that, so keep that in mind when you’re purchasing!

Since I didn’t have anything in the stash, I stopped in at Bhopal Fabrics on Brick Lane on my walk home on Thursday and asked the proprietress to see her lycra jerseys, and this red called to me (and not just because I’ve already got my overlocker and coverstitch threaded in red!!). It cost me a cool £5 total, ha!

Once you’ve got past the pattern manipulation, these are just as easy to sew as regular leggings – I even finished the waistband of these using my usual elastic waist technique! These were so quick to sew that I bought the fabric on my way home on Thursday, then cut and sewed them in an evening and wore them to work the next day!

The only issue with these is that they’ve got ZERO hanger appeal – don’t they look weird hanging up? I also find that they’re a bit tricky to put on, so I need to scrunch up the leg with my hands first, like I do putting tights on, so that the side seams stay nicely aligned. But that’s pretty much it – super comfortable, and a nice twist on the basic leggings you see everywhere!

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  1. I have had these leggings on my project list for a while now…such a funky design, I was surprised that nobody had blogged them yet. I was planning a sedate chocolate brown, but your bright red is pretty gorgeous!

    Katherine    Jun 19, 10:13 PM    #
  2. They look fantastic! You’ve lost weight too.

    Gail    Jun 19, 10:14 PM    #
  3. These look really lovely. I would love to make these. I keep ending up at your blog lately after clicking various links and it’s always so readable, inspiring and informative. I’d love to see bigger pictures! Great stuff :)

    Megan    Jun 20, 12:09 AM    #
  4. This was a good choice of style to tackle. Nice side ‘gathers’.

    velosewer    Jun 20, 01:21 AM    #
  5. These look awesome! I really love when such “simple” pattern alterations give such a cool look. I think I might have to investigate PM3… (I have 1&2, but in Japanese – I bought them just before the english editions appeared!)

    Dilly    Jun 20, 08:04 AM    #
  6. Love the leggings but it’s that kitten I can’t stop looking at. SOOOOO adorable.

    — kathi giumentaro    Jun 21, 01:52 PM    #
  7. They look insane on the hanger— a combo of director’s pants and early modern knee torture traps now with ankle pinchers!

    They look good on you and with the kitten. And my dogs are suggesting 2 names— Pud and Jashke (pronounced Yashka). One of my dogs had been reading Czech stories lately…

    Linda, Bathtub Fabric Queen    Jun 22, 05:32 PM    #
  8. The drafting in the PM books is incredible! I don’t have the one for knits, and how interesting those leggings are. Nice job.

    gwen    Jun 24, 02:13 PM    #
  9. Somebody just left a link to your entry on my site in comments so I’m returning the favor. Our pair came out quite different but still interesting.

    kathleen    Nov 12, 12:18 AM    #
  10. These look great. You mention that 150m wide fabric is needed, how much did you use in terms of length?

    Jessica    Feb 5, 08:50 AM    #

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