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Some lovely sewing gifts

8 February 2011, 15:46

In amongst my usual pattern magazine subscriptions, my postie has been quite busy delivering some additional goodies to FehrTrade Towers over the past few weeks! First, I won a sewing (almost) page-a-day calendar from Julia at Marmalade Kiss, whose blog I’ve been following for ages and ages! She’s incredible at corsetry, underwear and drafting (and has her own corsetry supply shop, too) and was one of the contributors in the calendar so I’m looking forward to bumping into hers as I work my way through the year!

Not long after that, the lovely and extremely chic Yoshimi posted a giveaway for a really cool rotary ruler, and this was not two days after I’d just painstakingly measured the armscye and the sleeve curve on my winter coat pattern so I was really hoping I’d win as this would make it SO much easier to match curves! And then I was gobsmacked to win this, too! It’s like a pizza cutter but with a ruler along both sides of the wheel so you can measure as you roll! I’ve never seen anything like it before, but it’s such a cool idea.

But all is not happy in the land of the lucky – I’d also been incredibly excited to win a box of See’s chocolates from the inspirational Beth at Sunnygal Studios since I’ve been hearing everyone rave about them for years. But she shipped them over a month ago and they’re still presumably caught up in transit/customs/something. :( Usually stuff takes less than a week to get here from the US (and yoshimi’s parcel arrived from Japan in a matter of days), but Royal Mail had some very high publicity backlogs over Christmas and my sorting office in particular was zeroed in as one of the worst! By god, I will still eat them even if they’re green and furry by the time they arrive! I won’t let Royal Mail win this one! (I can hear them and USPS cackling to themselves while they eat my delicious chocolates…)

The weirdest thing is that I swear to you that I don’t enter very many blog giveaway contests, probably only five or so over the entire Christmas period. I try to only enter if it’s something I really very much want, otherwise I leave it for others to enjoy. So it’s even stranger that I was so lucky this time around!

But it doesn’t end there, because then longtime FehrTrade commenter Claire (Seemane) at Sew, Incidentally and I met up for a lunchtime cuppa (and huge sewing gabfest!) last week and she brought me this gorgeous purple coating! Three metres of it, too, so I can definitely make a spring coat (or two!) with this! The weave initially reminded me a lot of the fabric I used to make my Patrones duffle coat (which I wear continuously in the Spring and Fall), but on closer inspection, this fabric is even better because it doesn’t unravel anywhere near as much as the other so I shouldn’t have to block-fuse it!

I’ve got the purple coating out on the sofa while it’s waiting to go in the washer and our cat, Bosco, decided it’d make a perfect little bed for him (he LOVES wool! Loves!).

I haven’t done the burn test yet, but the cat test definitely says there’s wool content in there!

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  1. Winning is the most wonderful thing in the world. I admit I don’t enter giveaways much either, but when you win something you want its so delightful.

    The See’s Chocolates really have me in a heap. I do hope you get them. I love See’s Chocolates and only hope that there is at least 1 butterscotch square, a rum nougat and a scotch kiss in there to tantalize your tastebuds. No matter how stale.


    The Cupcake Goddess    Feb 8, 04:26 PM    #
  2. Mmmmmmm, chocolate.

    Karen    Feb 8, 08:35 PM    #
  3. Score! Contest gifts are fun. I love the new purple wool – and Bosco’s “just TRY and take this away from me” look…! I think you’re right; I bet it will wash up nicely. Enjoy!

    — M Kate    Feb 8, 11:31 PM    #
  4. The sewing gods have indeed blessed your sewing-room :)!

    It was great to meet up with you – I’m sure I shall again be picking your sewing brain again for those “How do I do…?” moments!

    P.S. I’m so glad to see the fabric has the stamp of Bosco’s approval ;)

    Claire (aka Seemane)    Feb 9, 02:08 PM    #
  5. A windfall! Wow, I thought you entered several contests per month to get so much.
    How nice to meet up with Claire, it makes me wish we had met up in December :-/ but how very thoughtful of her to give you 3m of purple wool blend coating! You will look ravishing in it.

    Katharine in Brussels    Feb 10, 04:29 PM    #
  6. Once I saw you as the winner of all these giveaways I figured this was your lucky year! and it still is. Sorry to hear about the chocolates. I am sure someone at the post office is enjoying them. Since they make you write on the customs forms what is in the box – maybe so they can know which ones to “disappear”
    anyway – hope it arrives. but I think your lucky year is just beginning!!!

    Beth (Sunnygal Studio)    Feb 13, 06:29 AM    #

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