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London fabric shops: Goldhawk Road

8 August 2008, 16:04

UPDATE: Please see this post about the council’s plans to demolish Goldhawk Road and what you can do to stop it!! – melissa 6 Sept 2011

I can’t believe that I’ve lived in London for 6 years and not been out to the Goldhawk Road fabric shops yet. I mean, I’ve heard people talk about them, but it’s a full hour on the tube for me to get there, so I’ve just never really seen the need to explore…

Until yesterday, when fellow sewer Anwen took me by the hand and showed me around her favourite fabric shops there.

WOW. I was prepared to see a lot of fabric shops with an awful lot of fabric stuffed inside, but I wasn’t prepared for the incredibly high quality of the fabric in the shops. Polyester was in the minority, with a huge range of silks, woollens, suitings, and other really luxurious (and usually hard to find!) fabrics being the norm, and at really reasonable prices, too.

I had a strict budget I imposed on myself, and I only spent twice that. Ummm. But I still came away with a nice stack of fabric, and a ton of research for next time!

Just like my review of London haberdashery shopping, I thought I’d give a rundown here of the highlights from yesterday, though there are at least six other shops next to these that we went into but I didn’t write down the names and addresses of. Most of the shops seem to be open Monday-Saturday, though I imagine they’d be really very crowded on Saturdays if you decide to go then. Goldhawk Road tube station is on the Hammersmith and City Line, but you could easily walk from Shepherd’s Bush station (so when the Central Line station there reopens that might be more convenient). See the map at the bottom of the page for details, but roughly, turn right out of Goldhawk Road tube station and prepare to enter FABRIC NIRVANA….


A to Z Fabrics – 53A Goldhawk Road

Our first shop, where I ended up blowing all but £6 of my initial budget. Oh dear, I thought I’d peaked too soon, but I got three lovely fabrics for winter…

(left) Black wool sweater knit with purple flecks – £5/m (talked down £6 after I ummed and ahhed)

(bottom) Speckled black and white 100% wool British suiting – £10/m

(upper right) Super super soft grey marl jersey – £4/m


Classic Textiles – 44 Goldhawk Road

The most silk charmeuse I have EVER seen in one shop. This stuff is like golddust here in the UK, usually going for £50+ per meter. And here it was, in a million colours for £7.50. I was lightheaded and giddy at seeing this, and I don’t think it was just from the heat upstairs… If you go here, make sure you go all the way to the back of the ground floor because the stairs down to the basement are easy to miss, and the rolls of fabric down there are no kidding, about 20 rolls deep on either side.

At this point I was beginning to see why they don’t list anything online – even just documenting the first five feet inside the door would take a month!

Also silk jersey for £14/meter (£8 for silk blend jerseys that felt just as nice), wool jersey for £9, slk double crepe for £9/m, a huge range of British-loomed wool suitings…

I didn’t actually buy anything here due to a bit of overstimulation on my part, but Anwen got some amazing finds, and I’m definitely coming back for wedding fabrics! I love a store that puts the silk jersey swatches right by the tills for impulse purchases! They certainly know their clientèle..


Fabric World – 49C Goldhawk Road

I only had some change in my purse after the first store, but I still had trousers on my mind, so I made a savvy purchase and used up exactly the change I had left!

Silver grey denim with a slight crosswise stretch – £2.99/m

Yes, that’s right – silk charmeuse in a million colours for £6.95/m (there’s actually a whole other rack to the left of this that’s not in the photo

Also a beautiful range of coloured leather skins (I very nearly bought some mustard yellow for a new purse, but decided I could get it cheaper than £15 at a leather shop by my office), waterproof trench coat fabric, and a huge array of denim.


A One Fabrics – 50-52 Goldhawk Road

Walking inside, I tried to keep myself on track by chanting “Must think ‘bottom weights’, must think ‘bottom weights’, don’t be distracted by the pretty shiny things…” in my head. I think it worked, because I came away with some brilliant cords for fall and winter trousers…

Red and olive green corduroys – both £3.50/m

1 meter remnant of beige corduroy – £1 (I found this after I was debating whether to buy 1 meter of beige anyway for a particular BWOF skirt! Score!)

Lycra knit – £3.50/m (as were the whole rack of similarly beautiful lycra knit prints, including this in a red colourway, too)

Plus Gutermann thread, buttons, zippers and other bits of haberdashery, and 100% cashmere coating.

I restocked my trouser zipper and thread supplies and alas, out came the card since I was down to 60p in my purse!


I’ve added all these to my London sewing and haberdashery stores map, which you can see in a larger window, complete with reviews, by clicking the link underneath…

View Larger Map

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  1. I am sooo jealous. And I am sooo going to take a day off to check out Goldhawk Rd myself soon. You picked up some great stuff there!

    Houkje    Aug 11, 11:29 AM    #
  2. I’m bookmarking this! I hope to visit London in the future!

    Tany    Aug 11, 03:06 PM    #
  3. Hey, this is a great review and great map. Thank you! I’ve not been to Goldhawk Road either – London is SO localised. Other areas I recommend: Dalston street market on the east end, esp Dalston Mill Fabrics; for African fabrics, the shops behind Liverpool Street station are awesome.

    Also PatternReview.com has fabric shop reviews – take pity on the poor souls lurking there and link to this map at least.

    Can’t wait for my next outing!

    — Elizabeth    Aug 12, 01:53 PM    #
  4. Awesome! Thanks for the tip on True Up, Melissa. I’ll be getting myself over to Goldhawk Road soon to see these shops first-hand!

    — Nadia    Oct 17, 10:02 PM    #
  5. Hi
    Great fabric shop review! Have you ventured over to Southall, there are many shops that carry Indian silks, sari fabrics and trimmings in every colour imaginable and other fabrics from bargain basement prices upwards.
    If you like shiny things you will be completely captivated!

    — Sara    Nov 10, 06:09 PM    #
  6. I can’t wait to get to London… I don’t know how I am going to be able to bring all that back to Spain with me but I am definitely going to try!!!! Thanks for the review!!!

    Yolanda    Apr 28, 08:22 AM    #
  7. Thanks for the review. I have just moved to England and is planning a fabric shopping trip to London, so this is just what I needed. I am looking so much forward to go fabric shopping in London.

    Gry    Jun 9, 08:50 PM    #
  8. You’re my new favorite sewing blogger! I’m going to be in London to see Hamlet with Jude Law (insert girlish giggle) next month and I had no idea where to go for fabrics, but now I’m all set! Thank you for putting it all in Google Maps, you awesome!

    Mari    Jun 21, 12:49 PM    #
  9. thankyou so much for this review. you are an absolute life saver. heading to london tommorrow for fabric shopping!

    flo    Sep 23, 09:53 PM    #
  10. Hello there!!! you can’t Imagen how thankful I am, for this post. I’ve living in London for 8yrs and I just finding the “light”, tks again

    Yamy Montano    Oct 29, 12:30 AM    #
  11. Lucky for me I live close to Goldhawk Road – now I read your review I am going there tomorrow – thank you!

    — H    Jan 16, 08:54 AM    #
  12. I visited the stores mentined above yesterday with my work friend and it was really good, sometimes although it is cheeky it is sometimes worth checking out the soho shops see whats around getting samples them wondering over to Goldhawk road and checking out what they have, the prices are amazing.

    — leesa miller    Jan 26, 08:34 PM    #
  13. Hi, do you know if these shops also sell lycra and other dancewear fabrics? Would be well worth the trip to London if they do :)

    — Alison Williams    Feb 5, 10:34 AM    #
  14. im interested in oxford cotton shirt material, any ideas

    — gary    Mar 8, 05:51 PM    #
  15. Just hopped over from Did You Make That to say I really miss Shepherds Bush! Although for me it’s the middle eastern supermarkets on Uxbridge Road that call!!

    Sarah, Maison Cupcake    Apr 6, 04:23 PM    #
  16. Just wanted to say a huge thank you for letting us all know about Goldhawk Road – I had a fab afternoon there and bought some great stuff. Can’t wait to go back to London for another shopping expedition. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review.

    — Marcia Ockrim    Apr 22, 10:59 AM    #
  17. I live in Wimbledon, how come I never knew about this! Thanks

    — Sarah    Aug 27, 09:15 AM    #
  18. Hi everyone, does anyone know where I can find fabrics from the Middle East ? Is Goldhawk Rd the place ?
    Thanks for your help guys

    — Karen perry    Feb 27, 07:31 PM    #
  19. I was there today and I’d say you could get fabrics from Alpha Centauri as well. Visit before it’s swept away in some goddam awful re-development.

    — Mandy Holloway    Mar 26, 05:33 PM    #
  20. thank you so much for taking the trouble to petition for these shops. They’re amazing and it would be a wicked shame for them to disappear.

    — ann meacher    Jun 11, 02:41 PM    #
  21. Thanks for the great tip, I’ve just started working near Goldhawk Road and looking forward to checking out the shops in my lunch hour! Queen street Market in East Ham is also good for fabrics and especially haberdashery. There is a small but well stocked fabric shop in Lewisham, Sakhi Fabric – an aladin’s cave!

    Sarah    Jul 2, 11:14 AM    #
  22. I discovered these shops while on a short course at the London College of Fashion round the corner – they are fantastic. Where I live in Kent, all the local fabric shops have given over to patchwork fabrics – hopeless for dressmakers!

    — Miranda Charalambous    Apr 11, 09:07 AM    #

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