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Double take!

13 May 2010, 15:15

Fashion has always been cyclical – we reinvent ideas from decades past and give them a new twist. But with everyone playing off similar influences, sometimes two designers independently come up with very similar ideas. So it’s really not a surprise that you can sometimes find very similar pattern designs across companies, too.

As I found out, once you start looking for “pattern twins”, suddenly you start seeing them everywhere!

Patrones vs Knip tops

It all started when reader Hilde pointed out in my Patrones 289 review that this Plus top looks an awful lot like an older KnipMode design, so I decided to investigate further by comparing the shapes of the pattern pieces side-by-side:

(This KnipMode top was previously neglected because it was in the same issue as the fabulous swimsuit pattern…)

While the tech drawings look different, when you look at the pattern pieces you can see that most of that is just down to artistic interpretation and the pieces are very similar indeed!

Knip vs Burda blouses

Then I noticed in my review of the March 2010 KnipMode that their ruffle-collared blouse was incredibly similar to one Burda released last year!

Here, the only real difference I can see (beyond the sleeves) is that Burda’s flounce is slightly curvier, making a bit more drape when it’s applied to the straight centre front seam.

Burda vs La Mia Boutique

This one might be a bit of a cheat as it’s such a basic pattern, but when I saw the yoga trousers with the fold-down waistband in the May 2010 La Mia Boutique, I instantly remembered that I made these trousers a few years ago, when they were in Burda magazine!

Apart from a slight different in leg flare and the fact that the LMB pattern is plus-sized, these two really are a dead-ringer.

Butterick vs KnipMode

And finally, I had already gathered the others together in preparation to write this post when I saw Butterick released their newest batch of patterns.

Bowl me over sideways – Butterick 5495 is the famous KnipMode gathered top!!

Now, remember from my initial analysis of this pattern that Knip’s tech drawing is utterly awful and bears little resemblance to the actual pattern pieces (you get a much better idea from their magazine photos, or from mine or Trena’s finished tops!)

Apart from the lower CF seam (and it’s easy enough to put that on a fold!) and a slightly different neckband, the seam lines are freakin IDENTICAL!! Unfortunately I can’t see the shape of the pattern pieces without buying the pattern itself (and envelope patterns are SUPER expensive here in the UK), so I can’t really compare the two properly without it. Any chance someone could buy this pattern during the next US pattern sale and scan the fabric layout diagram for me please? It’s purely for educational purposes, to hopefully benefit all of you who couldn’t get your hands on this issue of KnipMode (or the October issue that reprinted this in Plus sizes!) but could now buy this Butterick if it is just as good!

Anyone have any other pattern twins that spring to mind?

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  1. Can’t believe it! Look at this: http://lin3arossa.wordpress.com/2010/05/10/seeing-double/

    G    May 13, 06:22 PM    #
  2. I like that the Knip flounce blouse has a little more shape; I don’t need a front dart, but the side seams are curvier. Will have to modify the Burda pattern for that.

    The Slapdash Sewist    May 13, 06:32 PM    #
  3. I have made those Burda yoga pants a couple times now – and I thought the same thing when I saw your recent LMB review! I WILL the Butterick top pattern; it’s too cool, and perhaps better than the Simplicity 4076 that I like: http://www.simplicity.com/p-2093-misses-knit-tops.aspx (Sorry I don’t know how to make cool links…)

    — M Kate    May 13, 08:01 PM    #
  4. Not really a pattern comparison but I saw a Monsoon dress in this weeks Stylist magazine and I immediately thought of your delicious green number.

    — vicky    May 14, 07:35 AM    #
  5. Strange, I left a comment right after this post went up but it has disappeared. I wrote about a very recent twin: Burda and Knipmode have a very similar pair of trousers in their June issues of this year.

    — Hilde    May 15, 02:06 PM    #
  6. I notice these things regularly, had seen the knip/burda and knip/butterick likelyness too. To mind springs a Vogue top from Sandra Betzina that is like a top in the May issue of Knip of 2008. Don’t know which one was first.

    Sigrid    May 16, 04:15 PM    #
  7. They all do copy each other…
    The last one was this Burda too http://www.burdafashion.com/en/Magazines/Archives/114_Pull-on_top/1270777-1463237-1665724-1665727-1665753.html (no 114 in 10/08) and for that matter it was in Mrs Stylebook’s Fall 2009. But hey, if some company’s block fits you better, it’s well worth starting from there.

    — Marie-Christine    May 19, 08:31 AM    #
  8. The patrones vs knip tops, there is another similar top in a Boutique…I know for sure, but can’t remember the issue number.

    The Burda Yoga pants pattern is pretty good, I’ve sewn it.

    mirela    Jun 8, 06:20 PM    #

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