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Vintage wiggle dress - photos

26 November 2012, 13:09

Last week I told you all about this dress – the pattern details, how I traced all fourteen of those curved, monster front darts, the things I omitted, the things I changed, and the things I’d want to know if I were you, sewing this for the first time.

So if you want to know all the geeky details (including the UK shop where I bought this lovely sage green marl ponti roma jersey!), then you best read that post, because this one’s going to be light on words and heavy on photos!

What I will say again is that this is a reprint of an original pattern Burda printed in 1956, but graded up to the normal Burda size range and included in the the November Burda magazine (or you can purchase it as a pdf here if you missed the magazine).

I’m stupidly happy with this dress – it’s the exact right snug, clingy, long sleeved knit sheath dress that I love to wear in winter. For the past two winters, my favourite dress has been the purple September 2010 Burda cover dress and this dress reminds me a lot of it, with a similar fit and feel.

I didn’t make any fit alterations here (sometimes I remove 1 inch above the waist), but I see I could’ve taken a small wedge out at the back to remove a few wrinkles. To be honest, I’m not really that bothered, as they tend to remove themselves as I move anyway, and in the back, I doubt anyone’s looking at the waist wrinkles anyway (ba-boom!).

Here’s a good look at those front pleats, which I chose to keep sewn closed, as darts (which I explained about here). I managed to get them to line up reasonably well across that centre front seam, apart from the very bottom pair. This required a lot of hand basting before sewing the centre front seam, but it’s important to get right since it’s the main focal point of the dress.

I think the back has some really nice details, like the back neck darts which help to give the funnel collar its nice shape, and the fish eye darts plus the curved centre back seam (which Burda think needs an invisible zip, ha!) really help to shape the waist nicely.

Sveta pointed out to me in the last post that there are so many finished versions of this dress already on the Russian Burda site! My mouth was agog at how speedy those Russian ladies are! So if you want to see what this dress looks like with the pleats open, go have a look over there, as there are quite a few finished versions already, but only mine has the pleats closed.

And just in case you weren’t convinced at how happy I am to be wearing this dress, a bit of an impromptu photoshoot dance:

Though the sunshine may have also had something to do with it…

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  1. It’s superb Melissa! You are really a pro. You make those monster darts look like a beginner could do it. I love the back neckline…reminds me of the vogue coat I have on my neverending to-do list.

    Sewing Princess    Nov 26, 02:03 PM    #
  2. That looks great! I can’t believe that in the original burda pic I didn’t notice how lovely the collar is. Not sure I want to tackle those pleats, but you did a fantastic job with them.

    — dawn    Nov 26, 02:20 PM    #
  3. This looks great! I didn’t like the version on the Burda model much. The fabric was too dark to notice all the seaming. And I agree with other commenters on the web who felt it made her look 5 months pregnant!
    You do not look preggers. You just look curvy and fab! Well done!

    Karin    Nov 26, 03:01 PM    #
  4. I really like it with the darts stitched shut – I think it gives it a very modern feel. Gorgeous dress – and the colour is wonderful on you!

    Dilly    Nov 26, 03:23 PM    #
  5. Gorgeous! I definitely want to make this, but open darts for me.

    Lucy    Nov 26, 03:23 PM    #
  6. Your dress turned out fantastic! It is so flattering and interesting. The Russian versions were great, too!

    crystalpleats    Nov 26, 05:00 PM    #
  7. Great job, Melissa. While looking at your photos I was reminded that if you really want beautiful and unique fashions, you need to sew.I don’t think you will easily find a similar dress on the RTW racks.

    — susan    Nov 26, 05:13 PM    #
  8. Great looking dress.Burda is the best pattern magazine bar non.You should share this dress on the Patternreview site.Maybe it will stop all the non stop negative slagging of the magazine.
    Thank you also for linking to the Burda Russia site, great work.

    — Bee    Nov 26, 05:18 PM    #
  9. You really did a great job with this dress !The fit is perfect ! Bravo !

    lasandrou    Nov 26, 06:21 PM    #
  10. It looks great. They certainly are speedy sewers over there!

    — Nancy K    Nov 26, 07:03 PM    #
  11. I love it, I will definitively make this one as well. Also the Russian ones look great.

    — Anita from Basel    Nov 26, 08:06 PM    #
  12. By the way nice to see that Nishi is doing well, haven’t Head about her for long Time. ;)

    — Anita from Basel    Nov 26, 08:14 PM    #
  13. I love your dress, though the jury is out on whether I prefer the darts closed or open. I might have to make two of these lol

    G    Nov 26, 08:43 PM    #
  14. That funnel collar is so glamorous, yet wearable. Happy dance indeed!

    Katherine    Nov 26, 10:06 PM    #
  15. Gorgeous—-so interesting, although all those seams look a bit exhausting. :) I bet it’s super comfy and practical!

    Tanit-Isis    Nov 26, 11:37 PM    #
  16. Fabulous. This is a great winter vavoom dress.

    velosewer    Nov 27, 12:36 AM    #
  17. I think that’s one of the best dresses you’ve made – and as we know your standards are high!

    Catherine Daze    Nov 27, 07:36 AM    #
  18. Looks sensational. Thanks for picking my new winter dress. I’ll have to start making my own around April 2013.

    Gail    Nov 27, 08:53 AM    #
  19. Well done!I made it in a light flowery jersey. Just fold the pleats in front so it’s more a drapage. Yours is more vintage

    — mistof    Nov 27, 09:02 AM    #
  20. I like your version! Looks very nice!

    Sveta    Nov 28, 12:33 AM    #
  21. Oh smashing!!! I was so in love with your purple September Cover dress I bought that immediately (from the german site) and a stunning blueberry ponti knit to make it with. I’m embarassed to say I STILL haven’t sewn it up. But this dress is perfectly gorgeous, just like the other. I hope you get plenty of winters out of this creation – it’s gorgeous!

    poppykettle    Nov 28, 05:51 AM    #
  22. … and now I’ve perused the russian site… how is it humanely possible that they all have supermodel proportions? I’ve never seen so many todays-aesthetic looking ladies in the one place before. sigh

    poppykettle    Nov 28, 05:52 AM    #
  23. Fabulous dress Melissa. I have serious dress envy – but I think I have found my new winter dress now!

    Kim Hood    Nov 28, 10:42 AM    #
  24. A beautiful job you did on this Melissa, the seaming on the bodice is perfect (would have invoked a few special words during that process I’m sure) It looks fantastic on you.

    — Kerry    Nov 28, 02:14 PM    #
  25. Gorgeous dress, I’m considering making it for next winter.

    Do you think it would be possible to stitch the pleats on the inside, so they’d hold their shape through washing? I like the look of the loose pleats, but there’s no way I’m going to baste them for washing!

    Melinda    Nov 29, 10:48 PM    #

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