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Christmas Present - yellow leather & tweed handbag

13 January 2010, 20:16

While my mom was staying with us over the summer, she absolutely fell in love with my mustard yellow handbag and called dibs on something (anything!) made from the remaining leather. Since I didn’t have enough to make another Nairobi bag, I started looking through my stash and fashion mags to get some inspiration, and lo! from the Feb 09 Burda WOF “Australia The Movie” accessories feature (not on the website I’m afraid), there was the perfect handbag, already in yellow even!

There were only two pattern pieces to trace – the main bag body (I doubled the paper pattern so it was the full size rather cut than on the fold to make it easier to lay out on the leather) and the small flap. All the other pieces were rectangles of various dimensions that Burda list in the instructions – the only one I actually used was the piece for the side and bottom of the bag.

Inside there’s a zippered pocket:

I simplified Burda’s design as there were far too many buckles, rivets and such for such a small bag, but I kept the flap and faux buckle (which conceals a magnetic snap!) in the end as it visually broke up the tweed nicely.

Also, I swapped the leather and fabric from Burda’s design – I wanted this bag to be mostly leather. The tweed (does it look familiar?) is stitched to the leather around the pinked edges but I didn’t want to weaken the seams by basting the tweed in place around the seams and creating more needle holes than was absolutely necessary, so I actually used shock! glue to keep it in place. I tried three different sorts for stickiness, stiffness, and bleed-through, and ended up going with Fabri-tac as it also smelled the least toxic!

And just in case she might not like it, I hedged my bets and filled it with some Cadbury’s choccie bars she can’t get in America! As it turns out, there was no need to bribe her, she loves the bag anyway and is using it as her current day-to-day handbag!

This is the last of the Christmas gifts I gave this year, though I’ve still got two books I received to show off. But in other news, I got my first haircut this week, and got to finally(!!) make the switch back to my contact lenses after a year of having to wear glasses so my eyes didn’t bleed (yeah, for real.). The effect together was so much that my nurses didn’t even recognise me til I opened my mouth!!

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  1. Gorgeous handbag!!! I have loved that pattern ever since I saw it in BWOF.

    Rachel    Jan 13, 09:31 PM    #
  2. Thats a real nice bag . Your hair looks fantastic though you really suit it . I bet you are glad to get your contacts back . I wear them and glasses and glasses are a pain . Take care of you :-) x

    Lisa    Jan 13, 09:47 PM    #
  3. cute bag and even cuter hair, great to see you looking so well!

    — racheljm    Jan 13, 09:58 PM    #
  4. No way would I have recognized you! You’re so lucky that you look stunning with lots of different looks, the short style looks fab on you!

    Lauren    Jan 13, 10:04 PM    #
  5. Don’t you look fabulous! The bag looks pretty good too.

    Nancy k    Jan 13, 10:06 PM    #
  6. I saw your mothers bag the other nite at our Relay for Life Committee meeting. It is fabulous. I love reading your site to see how creative you are.

    — Carolyn    Jan 13, 10:11 PM    #
  7. Wow! You look gorgeous with your haircut – your facial structure is perfect for short hsir! Lovely.

    Shannon    Jan 14, 12:41 AM    #
  8. I love the bag and your hair too. Just too cute :)

    — Marlies    Jan 14, 12:59 AM    #
  9. Hair is cute!

    — Karen M    Jan 14, 02:14 AM    #
  10. Cute hair! It really suits you. And I love the bag – the little buckle is perfect.

    — Terri    Jan 14, 08:26 AM    #
  11. A yellow bag full of chocolate – what could possibly be more perfect on all levels :-)?
    Aside from that, I hope you’re feeling as fabulous and healthy as you look! I’ll miss the blue wig particularly, but perhaps you can at least use it for Halloween?

    — Marie-Christine    Jan 14, 10:33 AM    #
  12. I was going to comment – but Marie -Christine has said it all! (I would add the pink wig).

    — Kim Hood    Jan 14, 11:56 AM    #
  13. You look great – and I love the bag too!

    Laura VW    Jan 14, 01:03 PM    #
  14. The bag is cool, and your haircut looks great!

    — Sara    Jan 14, 02:04 PM    #
  15. Wow, short hair really does look great on you!

    lsaspacey    Jan 14, 03:14 PM    #
  16. I am loving the pixie cut! And the cute bag, too.

    The Slapdash Sewist    Jan 14, 04:11 PM    #
  17. I imagine it feels good to take off the wigs, but really, won’t you keep the blue one and the pink one because they are so cute on you?

    Nice bag too-especially filled with goodies!

    gwen    Jan 14, 07:42 PM    #
  18. Looking good!

    Anna Browne    Jan 14, 08:11 PM    #
  19. I think your own hair looks better than all the wigs… and they looked good. The short cut looks great! I didn’t recognise you, had to enlarge the picture. Like the bag too.

    — Teddie    Jan 14, 08:14 PM    #
  20. You’ve got hair! You look great and the bag is adorable.

    Laura    Jan 14, 08:17 PM    #
  21. Wow, you totally rock pixie hair!! It enhances the twinkle in your eyes :)

    The handbag is fab. I am in awe of all the cool gifts you created for Christmas.

    Isabelle    Jan 14, 09:01 PM    #
  22. Wow, you hair looks so cute!!! And you have such nice delicate waves, who would have known otherwise? I bet you could totally pull off some sweet 1930s pin curls with that ‘do!

    — Kristen    Jan 18, 04:01 AM    #
  23. You look fabulous!!! I used to have a cute cut like that, I just loved it. :) You did a fabulous job (once again) on Christmas gifts!

    stacy    Jan 18, 04:26 AM    #
  24. Wow! Your hair looks amazing: you seriously suit that cut :D How cute would that look with an over-sized flower or bow!!!

    — Jenny    Jan 20, 07:03 PM    #

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