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KnipMode faux-wrap jeanskirt

21 April 2009, 11:30

I didn’t get much sewing done this weekend, but I did catch up on photoshoots for my finished garments from last week, at least. First up is an A-ine, faux-wrap jeanskirt from KnipMode March 09 issue, #12:

It features the very last of my super heavyweight Levis denim that also bore the Thames jeans and the recent KnipMode boyfriend jeans. And stylistically, it’s also got a similar idea, if not construction, to the KnipMode kilt-styled jeanskirt I made a few years ago.

You can see the the faux-wrap flap here:

Esentially, the skirt is a regular A-line, but with an extra partial panel added on top and fixed in one of the side panel seams to create the look of a wrap skirt but without any of the potential flashing. The pockets are then just topstitched on top, and are what hold the flap in place on the right.

The opening is a side zipper, and I decided to keep to the jeans theme here and use one of my favourite brass jeans zippers instead of the regular ol’ plan zipper KnipMode suggested. The patch pockets extend all the way to the true side seams (as opposed to the topstitched side panels) and so get caught in the zipper topstitching on the right, and are caught in the waistband seam at the top, leaving just enough of a slant opening for me to fit my hand through.

The only real change I made here was that I didn’t have enough denim to split the back into three pieces as shown in the crazy fabric layout…

…so instead I kept the back as one full piece and instead topstitched along where the joining seams would’ve been so I still get the effect of having it split. You can’t always take this shortcut, but since the seams were all straight, it worked fine here. I also omitted the back pocket piece as it seemed really fiddly to have a welt pocket in anything denim, and I’ve already got two big pockets on the front for storing stuff.

I also changed around the waistband a bit, leaving out the extra topstitching in the centre of the band, and treating the waistband as one, extending the belt loops to span the entire band, rather than stopping after the topstitching like in the tech drawing.

(Oh, and if you’re wondering, no, I haven’t gone insane and blown $250 on Chanel tights. These are ASOS ‘s version, at a much more reasonable £10!)

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  1. Super cute skirt. Love you new haircut, too ;-)

    senaSews    Apr 21, 12:30 PM    #
  2. Really nice! I was looking forward to seeing the denim skirt, and it looks great :).

    — tg33    Apr 21, 12:43 PM    #
  3. I love the style. I wear denim skirts all the time! You will get a lot of use from it. And I love the new haircut!!

    cindy    Apr 21, 01:05 PM    #
  4. Oh, it’s adorable. Your top stitching is impeccable!

    cidell    Apr 21, 01:15 PM    #
  5. Great skirt. You seem to see pattern possibilities I just skim over. Of course, age and a different figure type is at work here. I love, love the tights, and I would wear those in a NY minute.

    Nancy K    Apr 21, 01:31 PM    #
  6. supre cute skirt and I LOVE the haircut! They both look great on you

    Peacock Chic    Apr 21, 02:52 PM    #
  7. Well aren’t you just cute with the hair, the skirt, and the tights . . .

    I love the details on your skirt. You are a topstitching fiend lately.

    dawn    Apr 21, 02:59 PM    #
  8. That’ll be a nice piece for both summer and winter. And thanks for the ASOS link!

    Christina    Apr 21, 03:10 PM    #
  9. I love that jeans skirt and I also love the kilt-styled one. When I saw those tights I wondered if they were the Chanel ones. They are so pretty. Urban Outfitters also had a version of those. You are so stylish!!!

    Rachel    Apr 21, 03:14 PM    #
  10. I love the skirt, the tights, your hair! You look marvelous! Thanks for the inspiration!

    Jaime    Apr 21, 05:07 PM    #
  11. The second picture in the second row it totally sexy. If I were you, I would be extremely proud of myself.
    The tights are great as is the skirt. How did you manage to handle so many pattern pieces? One would need a smaller database to keep a track on them. :)

    — Marija    Apr 21, 05:42 PM    #
  12. That is so cute!!!! I totally love those pockets.

    The Slapdash Sewist    Apr 21, 06:34 PM    #
  13. Terrific skirt! I love the topstitching and the funky pockets.

    — Terri    Apr 21, 08:08 PM    #
  14. love the skirt, and the tights are awesome. Not really related, but have you got your alice temperley dress pattern from observer woman yet? Mine arrived yesterday, and I’m terrified of it! I was hoping you’d make it first and give us all a handy run-down on the blog.. :)

    — Kathryn    Apr 21, 09:40 PM    #
  15. Totally cute skirt! Love your hair—very chic!

    gwen    Apr 22, 12:56 AM    #
  16. Melissa, the skirt is great but your hair is awesome, congrats!!!it really becomes you very well:-)

    — Marita    Apr 22, 05:40 AM    #
  17. I really like the back of the skirt — very flattering cut! I think this is a style I need to try once I have a chance to return to sewing in a few weeks.

    — Sharon    Apr 22, 01:39 PM    #
  18. I love how this skirt turned out! It is so distinctive and your topstitching is perfect!

    — pterion    Apr 22, 02:30 PM    #
  19. Cool skirt and tights (I’m a big fan of www.asos.com!!)

    Tany    Apr 26, 07:09 PM    #
  20. Really cool skirt (and tights!), love them on you.

    — allisonc    Apr 27, 05:42 PM    #
  21. I love this skirt…I’ve just ordered Knipmode for the first time on your recommendation. Yes and I love asos.com. I like their leather bags. I’m going to Gosshawk Road in the next couple of weeks. Thanks for your advice and recommnedations. I hope all goes well with your operation. :)

    — Karen    May 26, 04:57 AM    #
  22. This skirt is so cute! I LOVE IT! And I dont wear skirts! Stockings look awesome! Nora :)

    — Nora    Mar 25, 03:21 PM    #

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