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Burda magazine April 2013

5 April 2013, 14:29

Well, it was bound to happen… We’ve had quite a few great Burda issues in a row, but to my eyes, this one’s a stinker. I mean, there are a few patterns that are okay, but an awful lot of ugly that I couldn’t bring myself to even scan. I’ve sifted out what I could from this issue though, so here are my picks…

I’ve never been a big fan of maxidresses, but this one looks nice, if a bit “only to be worn on holiday”-y. There exist maybe two days in the year you could actually wear something like this in London and not look unspeakably sad. Which is why I don’t sew many summer clothes…

Here are two versions of the same simple, boxy top with pleats around the neck (not that you’d know it from the pose on the left!). I like this top (and to a lesser extent, the belt-required dress version), but I swear I’ve seen this design over and over again before. I do kinda like the idea of having an all-lace back, but I’d do it in a teeshirt pattern or something.

This bustier-style dress is quite cute, and I like that they didn’t publish it in Petite sizes for once (something about it just feels like their petite designs!), but again, there’s that feeling that we’ve seen this design a thousand times before…

Ok, this top with the bubble hem and asymmetric drape I actually like, and I think it could be a really forgiving style for a lot of women, especially if you choose a really flowing fabric for that drape, which would also make the high cowl neckline softer. Added bonus that this pattern has the colour, illustrated instructions in the middle of the magazine!

Sigh… Burda, I bit my tongue through all the boxy, dated, hoochie-mama, and just plain ugly designs in this issue (a necklace made from plastic rhinestones and snaps?), but I cannot sit back and have you tell us to chop a sweatshirt and buttondown shirt in half and jam them together. This isn’t fashion, this is dressing like a freaking DIY hobo.

The Plus section is all really ugly, unflattering designs this month, so I’ll skip over that and get right to the children’s patterns, which this month is just for boys, and for men, in some weird 1920s-meets-Mumford & Sons styled shoot.

Wait — what was that you slipped in there, Burda, because that might be important – These men’s patterns are for Tall Men, which, AFAIK they’ve never, ever done before. Luckily, they printed a size chart for Tall Men in the magazine, which I’m going to post here:

Why am I posting it here? Because BurdaStyle.com have already started posting the men’s patterns from this issue, but without any hint of a size chart on the site for this new Tall Men’s sizing! So, once more for those who got here via a Google search, here is a “Burda size chart for Men’s Tall sizes”. You’re welcome, future readers, you’re welcome.

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  1. …and I love blue and white, too :( Thanks for the heads-up Mel

    Bundana @

    Caffy Bundy    Apr 5, 02:39 PM    #
  2. This issue is truly not interesting to me. There is the sleeveless ‘jacket’ in tall that I will be making, but other than that not anything appeals as an older but still wanting to be chic woman. The plus size stuff is truly awful.

    — Nancy K    Apr 5, 04:18 PM    #
  3. There are a couple of nice pieces in this edition, I might even make some of them – probable the crop trousers and the wrap blouse.

    Claire Cooper    Apr 5, 05:15 PM    #
  4. I seriously was almost offended by some of the offerings in this issue! The maxi dress was the other dress I half considered making but I’m not one for maxis on me… perhaps for a holiday this summer, like you said. Fingers crossed they are saving all the amazing stuff for next month’s issue :)

    Kathy    Apr 5, 08:48 PM    #
  5. I thought the Plus patterns were better than usual (which isn’t saying much, admittedly). I even bought one, the two-layer dress with shoulder gathers.

    — Alexandra    Apr 5, 09:10 PM    #
  6. I was wondering when I would get the April Burda in the mail, and then I read this and realized I already got it and shelved it. It was so bad that I must have repressed the memory already…

    Thanks for the tip on the men’s patterns being tall. I may have to pull this issue out again and try making my husband a shirt from this after all.

    — Isidore    Apr 5, 10:02 PM    #
  7. You’re on holidays, spending time with your family, and you still find time to post magazine reviews AND go for a run? Hope you’re having a blast!

    Melinda    Apr 6, 03:05 AM    #
  8. The size chart for the men’s tall sizes is actually posted on there German website, although that’s not much good if you don’t speak German in order to navigate your way through their site. Here is the link though! It includes ladies’ so worth printing out and saving somewhere. https://www.burdastyle.de/chameleon/outbox/public/6506295f-c2c9-ec4a-f434-c3af2f2c134d/Masstabelle_Damen_Herren.pdf

    karen    Apr 6, 05:00 AM    #
  9. I knew the good run with Burda had to end, and you’re right – it ends spectacularly with this issue! Maybe if you’d never bought a Burda before you’d get some value, but for th rest of us it’s more of the same or just plain crazy

    Kristy    Apr 6, 10:51 AM    #
  10. Ugh Burda April is a snoozer of an issue. The necklace was so bad but sewing half a sweatshirt to half a button up was the last straw for me. I quickly flipped through the April issue then put it away never to be see again. My fingers are crossed for May.

    — Kathi Giumentaro    Apr 6, 01:12 PM    #
  11. Yes, this issue sucks. And I had just renewed my subscription so I hope this isn’t a taste of things to come. I agree whole heartedly about the sweatshirt/shirt monstrosity. Yuck.

    Kim Hood    Apr 6, 02:19 PM    #
  12. There are so many repeat patterns – I wish they would just put less styles in magazine ( new styles though). Then the pattern sheet would be easier to work with. I did like the draped top though, and the wrap blouse caught my eye too.

    chris    Apr 6, 04:31 PM    #
  13. Thank you! No matter how hard I tried to figure the sizing out I never found the correct sizing table.

    — Maggy    Dec 18, 01:15 AM    #

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