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Manequim January 2013

31 January 2013, 14:00

The latest edition of the Brazilian pattern magazine Manequim arrived in my postbox and I was rather pleased to see the publisher switched to a staple-binding (like Burda magazine) instead of the more awkward-to-scan and leave open on the table glue binding they’d previously been using. The pattern sheets are still loose in the magazine shrink wrapping (and not stapled in place like Burda, KnipMode, Patrones, etc), but this is a nice improvement as far as I’m concerned!

Straight from the start and we’re in a Brazilian summer with this amazing Plus swimsuit with gathered front, and gorgeous twisted ties in back. I totally love that a) they’re making Plus-sized swimwear patterns (AFAIK only KnipMode has also done this) and b) the design is so flattering!

And on the next page, we see some evening gowns, including one on the left with a top not dissimilar to that last swimsuit!

I love Manequim’s little silk blouses, and I think this one has the opportunity to become the most perfect silk tee! Though I had a look at the pattern layout to see what’s going on with those sleeves, and each sleeve is four pattern pieces! Very cool.

The designer style feature this month is Matthew Williamson, with patterns for a collared cowl top, the wide, white blouse shown here and the lovely red wrap skirt with horizontal seaming. Not anywhere as awesome as his (official) dress pattern in the September Burda magazine, but not bad either!

Manequim call this a blazer, but I think it looks more like a comfortable overshirt. Though I’d never make it in lime green myself!

And now, onto the Plus section! In most issues, there are only one or two Plus patterns, but a few times a year, Manequim do a full spread and offer more like 8-10 Plus-sized patterns. There’s some great ones here, like this casual maxidress in striped linen…

…and this ridiculously cute jacket with cropped sleeves, which I’d wear in a heartbeat…

…and finally, while I hate the printed fabric, these look like fantastic basic trousers, and they’ve available in the full range of Plus sizes, too.

And I haven’t even picked out all the Plus patterns, either!

There were some questions in the comments last time about where to buy these on eBay – the sellers are all based in Brazil, so you need to make sure that your search doesn’t automatically exclude international sellers, so something like this should work for you (I have no experience with any of the eBay sellers, as I have a subscription direct with Abril).

Coming up: Hoo boy have I got some good stuff for you next week. GET EXCITED!

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  1. i love that they actually use plus sized models too, rather than the slightly less skinny “if i have a big meal i have to wear a size 12” type you often see!

    Sew Little Time    Jan 31, 02:24 PM    #
  2. Aww Mannequin … you make me & Brazil proud! I have loads sitting here.. i got to gave a grip and start turning them into garments

    — houseofpinheiro    Jan 31, 03:59 PM    #
  3. Hot damn I love this magazine. But I find it rather amusing that you receive yours before me… I’m half the distance away from Brazil! But probably on a less frequented route I guess. I’m loving what you’ve previewed here!

    poppykettle    Jan 31, 09:45 PM    #
  4. HI Melissa, How did you manage to get a subscription from Abril? I tried and got stuck when they asked me for some sort of a civic/ ID number

    karen    Feb 1, 05:03 AM    #
  5. I just ordered this issue from Ebay. Shipping costs almost as much as the magazine. I should have it sometime between 21Feb-11March. I have always wanted to get my hands on Manequim and decided on this one because of what you have to say about the plus size fashions in this issue. I don’t know what to get excited about: my Manequim or what you have in store for us this coming week!

    — susan    Feb 3, 11:20 PM    #
  6. I just got my issue today (Feb 5th) and rushed over to comment on the new format. I like the stappled but the pages seem cheaper too which is not so great. I like several tops like 101, 107 and 134 as well as skirt 104 for a nice twist on a basic gored skirt. I just need to give myself the time to sew!!! Maybe next week for the Mardi Gras holiday?

    lakaribane    Feb 5, 04:30 PM    #

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