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Burda magazine December 2012

30 November 2012, 15:41

First of all, thank you all so so much for all your lovely comments on the vintage wiggle dress! Due to another crazy week at work plus coming down with a rotten cold, I’ve been even less equipped than usual to reply to as many as I like, but rest assured I do see every one of them (they’re emailed to me, so no matter how old the post is, I see what you wrote!), and I’ll try to work through the backlog of replies soon.

But rather than waiting on little ol’ me, have a look inside the latest issue of Burda magazine, because they’ve gone and ended this year with a bang, my oh my…

How much do I love this dress?!? It’s so good they’ve put it on the cover, and then again inside, with long or short sleeves, and floor-length, or knee-length hems. When I was shopping in the West End with my mom a few weeks ago, I swear I saw this exact dress across a crowded department store, so I’m pretty sure it’s a designer knockoff – maybe Christian Dior? Does anyone know? In any case, it’s a Tall dress (boo! so most of us have to remove some vertical length in a few spots), but there are illustrated instructions for this one (which you can view in the pdf here since the long version is up for purchase on the English BurdaStyle.com already).

I know the tech drawing for this sequin tank is pretty plain and boring, but it’s all about optimising a very special (or expensive) short piece of fabric, and this sequin version reminds me of a RTW Express navy blue tank seen here. I also quite like the stretch leather trousers, but the likelihood of finding stretch leather outside the NYC garment district is quite slim…

I like the pairing of this peplum jacket and jodhpurs but those trousers mysteriously look like the exact same trousers from the recent Burda Easy magazine but with an extra inner leg seam cutout… Sneaky Burda, sneaky.

Both the silk pullover and the skirt with asymmetric drape are really easy to make, but just look so chic and comfortable. How nice would that silk top be worn with leggings, eh? I’m not certain I actually like these paired together, but I see the potential in each separately.

The contrast, piped seams on this diamond dress would be really fiddly to get exactly perfect, but it’s such a bold look it’d be entirely worth it.

I totally love this hoodie with its exposed seam allowances and zippered hood that becomes a wide collar! Ditto have loads of ex-designer felted wools right now that would be perfect for this, especially the double-sided ones, so you’d get contrasting seam allowances on the outside and open collar!

The vintage reprint pattern this month is for a 1960 boucle dress with waist button accent. I like the button detail, but boucle just seems so old fashioned to me. Maybe it’s the curse of the Chanel jacket infecting all boucle in my mind’s eye now!

Now Plus ladies can enjoy the stellar Tall dress from last December’s issue, now reprinted in larger sizes (and this is available as a pdf already, too).

I’m fairly certain I’ll be making a version of the cover dress from this issue as my last in my year-long “sew one thing from each Burda of 2012” project, but I need to buy some fabric first since I’ve got nothing suitable in the stash. Plus, I haven’t forgotten about the rest in my Fall/Winter sewing shortlist. Oh, and a second November Manequim issue arrived yesterday, too! (they print two editions every November for some odd reason)

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  1. It is a stellar issue, isn’t it? I really want to make the cover dress but am fixated on the gold fabric they’ve used, it’s so Christmassy! Just got paid so I can see a Goldhawk Road trip in my near future…I’m psychic like that

    Kathryn    Nov 30, 04:22 PM    #
  2. I love this issue, too. So many great patterns! I am surprised you don’t like boucle – I love it and really want to make a CP Peony up in it.

    crystalpleats    Nov 30, 05:16 PM    #
  3. The half of your favourites is my favourites too%) I made the review too%) As I saw on Russian site(again%)) one very fast lady made this cover dress and didn’t change pattern(and she said she is 168cm), so may be it is really work for not tall girls too.

    Sewing Sveta    Nov 30, 08:22 PM    #
  4. The patterns are quite good in this issue but did you also notice the price go up? Normally I pay 4,90€ but this one was 5.50!!

    — Corinna    Nov 30, 08:33 PM    #
  5. That dress is also my favorite. I like it short with long sleeves in wool crepe. Which I happen to have a length of that I just discovered hanging in a cleaners bag in my fabric closet.
    I like that zip front jacket too.

    Nancy K    Nov 30, 11:35 PM    #
  6. I agree, this is a great issue of Burda, although I am looking forward to January issue for all their lounge wear.

    Kemish    Dec 1, 03:54 PM    #
  7. The cover dress is fabulous isn’t it! I’m tall (yay!), but normally need to make an FBA, so I think I’ll make a muslin first to work out how to do that… I also love that hoodie with the zip hood-collar, and the dress with the piped seams (although I think I would make it with just the sleeve seams piped, I love that detail so much). Hope you feel better soon, wrap up warm…

    Dilly    Dec 3, 01:38 PM    #
  8. Sorry we are in sync on the rotten cold, but not sorry we are in sync on our faves in this Burda issue! The cover dress, the hoodie, the fancy tank. Great minds thinking alike! Hope you are soon on the mend. Now if I could get my ears to open up…

    — M Kate    Dec 3, 05:33 PM    #
  9. I’d say the model in the plus size red dress looks more pregnant than the one in the Wiggle Dress!

    Some of the patterns are really nice but I’m so angry that almost everything in here starts at 36. Why do they do that?

    Katrina    Dec 7, 04:22 PM    #
  10. I love that dress so much that I actually bought the magazine, the first in years… So I’m glad for your write-ups on it!

    Hana - Marmota    Apr 6, 11:43 AM    #

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