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Burda Classics magazine FW 2012 (& MyImage sale!)

3 October 2012, 11:13

We’ve been away in France last week and I’ve picked up a few souvenirs, including a stonking awful cold, which is unfortunately delaying my resumption of normal life and blog activity. So just rest assured there will be much to talk about as soon as my brain is functioning again. Until then, please accept my apologies for anything that doesn’t make sense here!

So, what is this “Burda Classics”, I hear you ask? Well, it’s part of a new series of Burda pattern magazines, set to run alongside the existing monthly issues. It’s available in English & French only, and produced by Burda France as a test run. Apparently there’s going to be 8 “special” issues per year, two of them Classics, two Plus, and the other four are anyone’s guess!

I bought my Classics mag last weekend at Eurotunnel Calais on our drive back – the one and only copy, bwahaha!

Two of these patterns are definitely reprints of earlier patterns (see below), but some may be new, I’m not sure. As you’ll see, there are lots of jackets, which aren’t exactly staples in my own wardrobe!. Sizes range from 32-50 but the bulk of the patterns are 34-44 or 46. The instructions and patterns sheets appear to be similar to those in the regular magazines, though as I have the French version, I can’t vouch for whether the English instructions make any more sense than the usual “Burda WTF” coming from Burda Germany’s head office!

Here’s my favourite pattern of this issue, a great little sheath dress for wovens or stable jerseys, in three hem lengths and three sleeve lengths:

A “Chanel” suit (albeit with a 2 piece sleeve). I intended to place a little rant here about how any chanel-type suit has the magical properties of making its wearer look at least twenty years older, but seeing as how this model looks to be about 60, that actually doubles my earlier estimate. Want to look old and frumpy? Wear a boxy boucle jacket and matching matronly skirt!

(Ok, this is probably a cranky side effect of my cold, as it’s not this pattern’s fault, it’s the “style” I take offense with!)

Omg, it’s the knit wrap dress I made back in 2007! This is a great pattern, appearing first in the May 2006 issue of Burda magazine, and then appearing again as envelope pattern Burda 7953.

From a feature in the mannish Yves St Laurent style, here’s a nice wrap top and pleated trousers. Though the model’s pale, enlarged lips are really freaking me out.

In amongst the patterns, there’s also some book reviews and a long profile on the designer Cléone (no designer patterns though). I wonder if the English version also has this?

There’s also a nice waistcoat and wide legged trousers, so you really could make your own three piece suit (minus the shirt) from this issue alone! I learned on PR that this waistcoat pattern is apparently a reissue of Burda 7426.

Click here to see the full tech drawings for this issue since I can’t see them available anywhere online!

And before you ask, I have no idea where you can buy this online, as I’ve heard GLP are out of stock in the US. If anyone knows, please pipe up in the comments!

Exclusive MyImage Discount!

In only-tangentially-related-European-pattern-magazine news, I have an exclusive, whopping 20% off discount for MyImage and Imagewear patterns this week (that’s double the general site-wide sale they’ve got on right now!

Use the coupon code IW20FEHR which will give 20% discount on all products (except subscriptions). This coupon code is valid from today until October 8!

Have a look at my reviews of past issues:

And here’s three garments I’ve made from them!

My purple coat

The one-hour cowl tee

My velvety bolero jacket

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  1. Your comments about the “Chanel” jacket put a smile on my face. I would love to try out the couture techiques used in a “Chanel” jacket but I know that I would end up with a garment that I would never wear. There must a more flattering pattern out there that could benefit from the same techniques.

    SewLittleToSay    Oct 3, 12:22 PM    #
  2. Amen on Chanel jackets, they just aren’t flattering!! And the fabric looks like brightly colored burlap, which creeps me out.

    CGCouture    Oct 3, 02:24 PM    #
  3. I can’t tell for sure. Some look vaguely familary. But, not positive. I didn’t prepurchase here. But, a friend is giving me thier copy in NYC this wknd.

    cidell    Oct 3, 02:42 PM    #
  4. I’m in the UK and I’ve just got my copy of Burda Classics from www.newsstand.co.uk. They still had it listed as Burda Plus Fashion when I ordered it but it was flagged as N2 2012. I assume the last Burda Plus was considered to be the first Burda Style Special issue. This is somewhat confusing but I’m sure they’ll get their act together eventually.

    Liz    Oct 3, 02:48 PM    #
  5. I am intrigued by this special series of Burda magazine, thank you for reviewing this one! However, that link to the tech drawings took me to the Chanel jacket again.

    — Olga    Oct 3, 02:49 PM    #
  6. Thanks for the MyImage coupon! I’ve been planning on buying the magazines for ages and that gave the extra push.

    Westmoon    Oct 3, 04:21 PM    #
  7. I also have to agree on the chanel jackets—though they can look quite nice on petite silver-haired ladies. It’s tough for anyone else to pull off, I think. Thanks for the review!

    — Jen    Oct 3, 04:54 PM    #
  8. Thanks for posting the tech drawings for Burda Classic. I put my name on the list for it at the Canadian news agent but I will pass. Nothing interests me in this issue. I will use the MyImage coupon. A great big thank you for that.

    — Andrea    Oct 3, 05:38 PM    #
  9. Great posting. I was debating whether to get the special Burda issue, and now I think I will (though not to make the Chanel jacket) Also, thanks for the MyImage coupon. I’ve been wanting to get a few issues to try out (both for me and the kids) so I just ordered them.

    Carolyn    Oct 3, 06:19 PM    #
  10. Chanel jackets add 20 years?! Oh dear, I have plans to make one.

    My fabric is not classic multicolour boucle, but a plaid, so perhaps this won’t be so aging…

    I’d love to get my hands on the Burda magazine. Somehow I think that might be all too hard in Australia.

    Sewingelle    Oct 3, 10:32 PM    #
  11. I used to have the same opinion of Chanel jackets, but I’ve since come around. I’ve only ever seen them on little old ladies, but then I got a book that actually featured them on the younger generation and they looked quite fetching. Most were sans the frightful trims and featured just a really amazing fabric. I’m personally going to make myself one, but yes I agree, these jackets can really age you if you’re not careful! Had to laugh when I read your comment!
    xoxo, Sunni

    Sunni    Oct 4, 12:50 AM    #
  12. Many thanks for the review. I have been trying to get a copy and even have a friend in France looking out (my sewing French is reasonable so let me know if I can help – but general reasoning worked on Knip in Dutch so I expect you’ll be fine). I think a Chanel jacket can be a useful Mix-and-Match piece in a professional separates wardrobe. I got a lot of mileage from mine in the past plus co-ordinating dark skirt and different bright shell tops or blouses. I agree that the whole look can be too much unless worn in an ironic retro way. Anne

    — Anne Stoye    Oct 4, 08:10 PM    #
  13. My copy has come! I’ll be making the jacket, probably with a collar, and I am pleased to see that the pattern pieces include top and under collars and lining pieces (how Burda used to do it). And I’ll also be having a go at the dress – both good basic patterns that will become TNT favourites made in varying versions and fabrics. Thanks to Liz for the information on where to get a copy.

    — Anne Stoye    Oct 6, 05:53 PM    #
  14. Those pale lips are freaky!! The wrap top is cool though.

    ZoSews    Oct 9, 11:43 AM    #
  15. Thanks for those tech drawing! They convinced me that I really don’t need this issue. In case anyone else is still looking for it they have some here http://fashionistafabrics.com/buwooffa1.html

    — Sara B    Oct 9, 11:49 PM    #
  16. Before you completely write off the Chanel type jackets, you might want to visit this blog: <http://tellestelle.canalblog.com/archives/2012/09/30/25219493.html>. She used a similar Burda pattern for a gorgeous version in blue leather.

    — Nadine in NC    Oct 18, 02:17 AM    #
  17. And all along I thought I was the only one not to ‘get’ the Chanel jacket love.
    I do have to admit that the blue leather one is great but it seems to have a bit more shaping than the traditional boxy Chanel jacket.

    tigergirl    Oct 19, 06:41 AM    #
  18. I saw someone wearing a Chanel jacket with jeans. It was a refreshing look though admittedly she was thin and petite.

    Mary    Nov 9, 12:12 PM    #

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