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KnipMode and Burda June 2012

1 June 2012, 23:21

KnipMode June 2012

Let’s start off with the best from across both issues – this asymmetric, flounced top is just fantastic! I really like it paired with skinny jeans like they have here, too. It’s really important when you’re wearing volume up top to balance it with something slim below, or vice-versa!

In my mind, this A-line midi skirt was almost identical to one in last month’s Burda magazine that I really liked (and already traced, but when I’ll sew it is another matter!), but when I place the tech drawings side-by-side, they’re actually not as close as I remembered…

None of this combo of jacket, shell, or trousers is particularly earth-shattering, but I really like the look of pairing a cropped jacket (my forte) with a longer layer underneath. And beautiful, shimmering jewel tone solids are always a good choice!

This is a bumper issue for Plus sized patterns, with something like 15 on offer this month, but the one that really caught my eye is that they’ve released a favourite of mine from last summer in larger sizes now!! This is one of my favourite casual tops, despite the tunic-length, and I’m really chuffed to see it made more widely available now.

As a nice segue into this month’s Burda issue, let me point out a pattern which is nearly identical in both magazines. I find this type of top really boring and an example of both companies “going through the motions” for the summer issues.

I mean, even the pose is the same on these – is that because they know that most of the female population can’t stand up or move around in bra-unfriendly tops like this?

Thanks again to all the cloggies who helped me understand my KnipMode renewal letter – I’m not sure if this is my last issue or if there’s another one coming, but I’m looking forward to exploring other pattern options and not feeling disappointed every month when it arrives!

Burda June 2012

I’m never a big fan of the summer issues of pattern magazines, as it’s rarely hot enough to wear the styles, but this dress (and it’s top equivalent) are my real standout favourites from this issue. They’re supposed to be pull-on wovens, but I think they’d look much better (and be more comfortable) in a stable knit.

And finally, I nearly overlooked this basic sheath dress, with it’s deep scoop neckline and low V-back, but I’ve been wanting to try out a technique I learned in my Pattern Magic course and I think adapting a basic dress would be easier than going through the bother of drafting something from scratch, especially since I’m going to significantly change it anyway.

But first, I’ve got a ridiculous amount of partially started projects and traced patterns I really want to sew, and it’s starting to make me feel anxious and frustrated in my sewing room rather than the usual feelings of contentment, creativity, and pride. I’m hoping that over the long weekend I’ll at least get a few hours to finish off some projects so I can do some fun stuff again.

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  1. I really love the first top. The asymmetry is just enough – not too much, not too little. It would be a perfect summer top!

    maddie    Jun 2, 01:03 AM    #
  2. So what was the consensus on the the renewal letter? I got one too and just emailed them saying let the subscription expire when it does, I do <em>not</em> want to renew. PS are you able to upgrade commenting to disqus? Recaptcha is getting worse and worse day by day XS

    theperfectnose    Jun 2, 01:27 AM    #
  3. I have just started on your favourite knipmode top from last year and appreciate the pics you posted back then.

    Katherine    Jun 2, 01:34 AM    #
  4. Those poses seem like stage directions for a Tennesse Williams play. The actress shall be languishing in the heat like a hot house flower, as he enters, she fans herself slowly, eyes panning down his sweaty shirt.

    Linda, Bathtub Fabric Queen    Jun 3, 08:25 PM    #
  5. Thanks for this! I’m really surprised you’ve come to this point with KnipMode. Or rather that KnipMode pushed you to this point, you are the one that made me aware of them in the first place. I need to take a closer look at the issues I do have. To date, I’ve sewn only 2 patterns by Knip. How sick is it that I’m impatient for the July Burda when June isn’t in my hands yet? LOL

    lakaribane    Jun 3, 09:56 PM    #
  6. Oh and I just realised the pull on woven is ripped off from Drape Drap (2?). The original is asymmetrical and Burda seem to have used half of it on the double fold XD I realised cuz I was going through the Drape Drape books this morning and thought ‘that’s cool but it’s cold now so I should just use the sleeved side on the fold XD’

    theperfectnose    Jun 5, 01:31 PM    #

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