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Manequim April 2012

25 April 2012, 13:55

This time of year is my favourite for Manequim issues, as the Brazilians begin Fall, overlapping with our decidedly cool and wet English springs, it means for a brief period I can actually wear the patterns when they’re printed! So let’s have a look inside the latest issue…

Manequim usually contain one or two easy accessory patterns, and this month it’s patterns for two cute collars, plus some instructions for beading them.

The white skirt is a design I’ve seen done over and over before, but I love the white dress, with the pleated interest on the shoulders!

I absolutely love the asymmetric blouse, as seen on the cover, as well as its cool, one side seam layout! I’m not too sure about the shoulder bow, though – I’d probably leave that off, but this one is definitely on my To Sew list now!

Colourblocking is a big trend again this year, and this jersey dress really looks like a winner, drawing the eye to the shoulders and thighs with its stripes of colour. I also really like that they’ve used Fall colours here, as I think it’s easy to think of colourblocking only in terms of bright colours sometimes.

This dress should be quite simple to draft, but it’s got an elegant, timeless shape with just a bit of added interest from the pleats only coming from one side…

This top is totally me, with its floppy “cowl“ish collar, and it’d be great for English summerweather, paired with jeans or skirts.

The Marc Jacobs feature did nothing for me, and neither did the sole Plus pattern, but if you fancy seeing more from this issue, have a look at the curious kiwi’s review.

In other news…

Normal service is going to be somewhat disrupted for the next few weeks, as we’re staying on a neighbour’s boat while our boat is in drydock for regular maintenance. I brought my travel sewing machine and a few projects along, but I’m not sure how much I’ll be doing while I’m out of my element. But if you’d like to see some photos from our day-long voyage down the Thames and up the Medway on Monday, have a look!

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  1. Oh, Mé, I’m so nostalgic when I read your reviews. I have subscription drama with Manequim. My stupid courier service lost the first 5 issues of my magazine [insert violent expletives]. I love that white dress with the pleated “flange” reminds me of the Galaxy Dress. I need to make that one! Love that cowl top,too! Have you seen the Vogue line drawings?

    lakaribane    Apr 25, 04:19 PM    #
  2. The pictures of the voyage down the Medway are stunning – it must have been such fun to be sailing the boat after she had been stationary for so long. What a mercy the tides were right on Monday and you didn’t have to try in Tuesday’s frightful wind and rain! A lifetime ago I sailed out of the Royal Docks (they were docks then!) one April day of sunshine and snow showers, heading for the Far East on a cargo and 12 passengers ship. No Canary Wharf then, nor Thames barrier nor QEII bridge, but London and then Greenwich from the water and the estuary widening out to the mouth of the Medway and beyond. Unforgettable, and your pictures brought it back.
    Thanks for the heads- up about printers and freezer paper – what a pain for you! Anne

    — Anne Frances    Apr 27, 05:49 PM    #
  3. I also thought about the Galaxy dress when I saw the white dress; it is very you, I think!

    What an adventure for Hendrik! Beautiful pictures.

    Isabelle    May 1, 11:51 AM    #

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