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New Year's Progress Report

29 December 2011, 19:07

Back on the 17th I set some bold goals to finish by New Year’s:

I thought it was time for a little progress report, seeing as how I only have a few days to go…

  1. Paco’s Drape Collar Tunic – I sewed this up in an evening before Christmas. Though I had to get very creative in order to get long sleeves out of the 2m of sweater knit I bought… Note to self: Buy more yardage, or shorten the body length next time!
  2. Clover jeans – I just finished these! I’m totally loving the fit and the (IMHO) improved pockets, too.
  3. Holly’s maternity maxi-dress, Burda 08/2008 #125 – Having no place to cut the fabric of the enormous skirt pieces, I actually took it along to work yesterday and cut it out on the big (and empty) lunch table at lunchtime! The few guys left in the office already think I’m weird anyway. Shrug. In any case, this is now ready to sew!
  4. Ruby Slip – I wanted to cut the skirt pieces at the same time I cut out the maxi dress, but the low table height was killing my back by the time I finished with the maxi dress. I don’t think this will take long to sew together if I can ever find somewhere to cut the single-layer, bias layout… A good cutting area is my new productivity choke point.

So there you have it – two down, two to go. If I’m looking at it objectively, the jeans and the maxidress are the most time consuming, so I’m halfway through on those, too.

We’ll take some photos of the cowl sweater and jeans at the weekend, but until then, I thought you might enjoy photos of Bosco “helping” me sew my jeans*.

God, I love my vintage hand-crank Singer for topstitching! It really is a beautiful piece of engineering…

*When in doubt, post cat photos.

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  1. Your productivity just amazes me, and they’re all beautiful. Looking forward to seeing the jeans. I’ve always thought they must be difficult to make well. And I love the Bosco photos. He’s beautiful :)

    VallyP    Dec 29, 09:25 PM    #
  2. Love it! You are such a rockstar! I too had visions of finishing a few garments before New Year’s but have had such trouble with one, that only one will come out. I’m very excited for the jeans – I too think you’ve improved the pockets wonderfully!
    xoxo, Sunni

    Sunni    Dec 29, 10:39 PM    #
  3. I am not a cat person but I always love your Bosco pics. He’s got so much personality.

    — JenL    Dec 29, 11:18 PM    #
  4. I post dachshunds when in doubt……I love your blog!

    prttynpnk    Dec 29, 11:57 PM    #
  5. I’m especially interested to see your Paco Peralta tunic, but your gambit worked very well. Bosco and your vintage Singer are quite the treat!

    Noile    Dec 30, 05:18 AM    #
  6. Great work! I haven’t sewn a thing in maybe 2 months or more. Sewing space is a dusty mess at this point. And please tell Bosco I am in LOVE with him, LOL! So elegant, so dignified!

    Lakaribane    Dec 30, 12:55 PM    #
  7. LOVE these pictures of Bosco! “When in love, post cat photos” – couldn’t agree more. :)

    Isabelle    Jan 4, 09:03 AM    #
  8. Er… I meant “when in doubt”. ;)

    Isabelle    Jan 4, 09:04 AM    #

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