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Saturday afternoon sewing pow-wow

15 February 2011, 12:46

I normally get quite a lot of sewing done on the weekends, but this weekend was particularly fun because Susannah of Cargo Cult Craft came over to the boat on Saturday afternoon for a big, fat geeked-out sewing session!

She brought her stash of ALL the 2010 Patrones issues, plus her assorted stash of Manequims, and I lugged my KnipModes, other Patroneses, and Manequims out of my sewing batcave. You should’ve seen the amount of pattern magazines on our saloon table! It was downright decadent, I tell you…

I ended up tracing two Patrones patterns then and there:

This cape jacket (295-22)

And an asymmetrical, yoked blouse (291-23)

Susannah fell in love with two Knips (a gathered knit dress – April 10 #14 and a long sleeved knit cowl top – Feb 10 #19) and traced those on our saloon floor, too. Poor James could barely find a scrap of carpet to walk on between my brown kraft paper and her Swedish tracing paper!

I borrowed three Manequim issues to trace and give back to her, and I’ve been very good in limiting myself to one per issue:

This colour-blocked one shoulder dress (10/2009 #400)

This utterly perfect sleeveless knit draped dress (06/2010 #250)

And this batwing velvet top (07/2010 #307), though I’ll definitely not be making mine in velvet!!

Then we had a bit of a skills exchange – I brought out my beautiful vintage hand-crank Singer and she showed me how to thread it and wind the bobbin since it’s similar to her beloved hand-crank Featherweight (jealous! I can barely lift mine it’s so heavy!). Then she brought out a super cute striped knit Jalie dress and a silk jersey top (in the same colour as my birthday dress last year! Yay for Classic Textiles!) that needed hemming. I’m afraid I may have given her the lust for a coverstitch machine, but all garments are now totally finished, and I sent her home with a ballpoint twin needle, too (don’t worry, Arielle, there’s still plenty left for you!).

This was just what I needed to motivate me to do a few sewing tasks I’d been putting off. Namely, sitting down and figuring out how to use the old Singer (I carried on after she left and it’s all ready for Jalie jeans topstitching now!), and finally getting around to making a silk jersey dress for my sister-in-law that I’d promised over a year ago. But more on that after the lucky recipient sees it herself!

I’ll be popping up to the Walthamstow market for a bit of cheap and dirty fabric fun this Saturday along with Karen‘s gang, as I’ve not been to the market in ages and it seemed like a good excuse. Anyone else coming along? I promise to wear FehrTrade so you can recognise me!

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  1. Looking forward to seeing you again! You and your burn test equipment…

    karen    Feb 15, 12:58 PM    #
  2. I’m coming along to E17 ;)!
    I’m bringing my not-quite-an-old-lady-yet funky floral trolley with me… even though ‘officially’ I agreed with hubby I won’t be adding to my already humongous fabric stash you just never know when an absolute bargain will strike the purse-strings mwahhahahaha!!

    Claire (aka Seemane)    Feb 15, 04:27 PM    #
  3. It’s great to have those days :-). Even if someone’s back goes out from schlepping 3 tons of paper. I’m looking forward to seeing that texturas top!

    — Marie-Christine    Feb 15, 06:02 PM    #
  4. That sounds like a lovely day – sewing alone is fun, but sewing with others is a lovely treat!

    I’m coming to Walthamstow on Saturday – see you there!

    Tilly    Feb 15, 11:13 PM    #
  5. What a totally fun day! I hope you have more like that!

    Gwen    Feb 16, 02:07 AM    #
  6. It’s always inspirational with sewing addicts. Made the yoke blouse in a blue/wihte dot light, sheer cotton , its super

    — mistof    Feb 17, 08:49 AM    #
  7. Hi Melissa,
    I saw you posted a link where to buy Patrones magazines online. I was very impressed with their collection and wants to buy some.
    Have you bought something from that site? can I trust them?


    — Libby    Feb 17, 09:00 AM    #

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