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4 December 2008, 10:44

Now all my Christmas presents are done, I’m home free to sew more for myself! So coming up in the next few weeks you should find the following…


Up next

Our Christmas tree is being delivered tomorrow (Sorry, Cidell, but it’s got to be an extravagant live pine for me!), and since it’ll take up the space I normally use to trace patterns, I had to really think ahead and trace off everything I think I’ll make this month now, or risk a face full of pine in the future (though thankfully BurdaStyle patterns are still open to my whims since they don’t require tracing!).

Oh, and does anyone else’s cat have an irresistible fascination with pattern paper? I can usually distract Bosco by wadding up the excess kraft paper scraps into balls for him to chase, but the paper gets a bit fragile if he’s been outside recently, as you can see here…

Perhaps I should just consider myself lucky that he’s only interested in the paper and not my big, angry, noisy machines with their gnashing needle teeth!

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  1. Happy Birthday, James!

    I was considering making this jacket for Seb – can’t wait to see James in it.
    I cannot wait to see your navy silk dress either.

    Tracing and cutting out patterns is also a crazy task here – there’s nothing my cat likes more than jumping around and messing them all up. I won’t even enter into the phase when I try and lay my fabric out on the floor.

    Isabelle    Dec 4, 12:05 PM    #
  2. Happy Birthday to James, and what a lucky man he is to be receiving that shirt!
    What an exciting list of projects still to finish: can’t wait for the pictures.
    Enjoy sewing for you, you deserve it!

    Houkje    Dec 4, 03:56 PM    #
  3. Ah yes, kitties and pattern paper. My new baby can be awakened from a sound sleep at the rustling of pattern paper. The more fragile the tissue, the better. Click my name to see Charlie appreciating Burda WOF.

    Leslie in Austin    Dec 5, 03:38 PM    #

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